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Eternal Love

Still the Heart
And Feel the Presence of My Eternal Love

Still your thoughts and Let Go
Of the ties that hold the Mind

Let the Love that Carries my Light
Open the Door to the temple
of the Souls’ Being
and Merge with the Healing Power
of Divine Energy

Let the Breath of Spirit Embrace you
Let the Smile in the Masters Eyes
let you to See into the invisible Blessings
That Forgiveness Brings
As it allows you to be free
in the Golden Silence of the Soul

Release yourself
And receive the Light of all Lights
And the Love of My Love

So you may Share the Words of My Truth
And Allow them to Guide you on the path
As You carry the lantern of God’s Light
may you feel the Power of God’s Love
As it redeems you
And Brings your life to a Greater Purpose
And a true understanding of God’s Perfect
Presence of Eternal Love

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