Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

"When you immerse your attention
into the peace that is the essence
of this moment,
you find that it is limitless.

It is completely formless
and that formless peace
goes on forever.

The emptiness is so vast
so intoxicating, so fulfilling,
there is no end to exploring it.

I call it peace
but the peace is synonymous
with love, with bliss, with joy.

It is unfathomable joy!

And when you come out of that peace
a little bit so that you are aware of form again,
you find everything is vibrating this peace.

The joy that is the essence of everything
cannot contain itself.
It must burst open and manifest into
billions of forms.

And so every form
is just made of this vibrating bliss.

You can be walking in the woods
and you can't imagine
anything more fulfilling, more blissful
than that walking.

So delicious!

But many people seem to settle for the words.
Settle for some understanding of it,
some idea of it.

Some little clever saying
that makes your ego smile
as you pass by in search
for the next tidbit of knowledge.

It's like driving all the way to the ocean
and not getting out of the car.
Not feeling the sand on your bare feet,
not feeling your body immersed
in the dancing salt water waves.

Just sitting in your air conditioned
car with the windows up
listening to talk-back radio.

That's what dead people do!

This peace is beyond the words,
beyond understanding,
beyond all ideas and beliefs.

You not only have to do the work,
you also have to get really get naked.
Strip away all of your ideas
and perceptions and dissolve
into this moment full on.

No half-assed intellectual consideration
about how it fits in with what you know
and who you think you are.
You have to give it all up
and dive into this moment.

It's so hard to even make any sense
in this peace,
because it is senseless, limitless joy.
There is no comprehending it,
no getting your head around
the vastness of it.

Yet the ego mind is always
trying to put it into a box;
something it can define
and know and carry around
like a lucky charm.

But how do you bottle up
the ever expanding limiltless joy
that goes on forever?

You have to let everything
dismantle into nothingness
and dissolve into unfathomless peace.

When there is no 'you' left in nothingness;
when there is just the vaccum that is consciousness,
then you will realize infinite joy.
You will have become joy itself.

Much love,


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