Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

thanks to bad experiences, lessons learnt through hard defatigation and interest for life you can gain extra wisdom which is the aknoledge you can have at a certain age.

wisdom  is also a weight you carry with your self but gives you the possibility to look into the future.

knowing one person means expect from her something before it happens......

study and look into time and space could lead to predict or expect some events.....

manipolations of reality or descredit can hide this powers.....

another example: if one's sensibility's high can feel premonition events

lately sometimes i hear the telephone ringing before it happens.

it's a virtuos cyrcle:  it's like a fire that begins to burn.....then your high "temperature" emits radiations and can even mesmerize people in the distance and something happens because you say that.........

for a solar photovoltaic changing voltage /temperatrure may increase the yeld ....... that's the power of changing..........changing doesn't mean being better but being reborn. the christaline structure is reset by derivation of current creating a more organized and a more equal frequency vibration.

confond bad forces by changing frequently ...... then when you'll be wise YOU will create forces and influence people that's the use forces to defeat devil (will never help you) and change to be reborn.

the next point is chosing to give this forces to empower davil and confusion or using it for your and other's health (semi god)

the force of god could be confused by darkness of devil but a certain light will always remain......the wise man is the one able to see a small light and my dream is to shift people from dark position to light.........Carlos the shaman the supernatural is an example of this choose towards light......he conveys this through his music.

don't have pressure to get wise time and suffering will anable you to.........don't get to 4 places to forget them all but go try to travel to one single place (god) to see the whole other a camillion you'll see the milky way and all the streets and you'll travel higher than light by simple meditation.

the fewer the abilities you have the more the wisdom you gain the more speed through wich you pursue wisdom the faster you'll become extra wise...........and heal people! 


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