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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

"A lot of spiritual teachings thrown around are ‘shoulds.’
‘You should be kind.’ ‘You should be selfless.’
‘You should be positive.’

But we have been abused by these ‘shoulds’ our whole life.

They create an unconscious judgment
that we are not the way we are supposed to be.

And so we hide our true experience.
We bury our true selves underneath a pile
of spiritual and societal pretenses
and thus separate ourselves
from the very peace we are yearning for
in the first place.

If you want peace, freedom, love, bliss
you should meditate every day.
You should take care of the body
with exercise and putting only healthy
life affirming nourishment into it.

You should do the spiritual practices
that work for you. This is healthy.

But awareness is the full allowing of this moment to be.

If you are selfish, if you are lonely,
if you are overwhelmed, if you are scared,
if you are feeling nothing at all,
whatever your experience naturally is,
allow it to fully be here in this moment.

Not indulge in it, dramatize it, analyse it,
you don’t even have to communicate it,
but give it the freedom to fully be in this moment.

And by allowing it to be in this moment,
you are allowing it to be in consciousness.
Automatically it will happen in awareness.

And this awareness transforms everything.
It turns everything back into itself,
back into its essential nature of peace.

You will see it is already peace,
it is already consciousness.

Just the illusion that it is not is dissolved.

By letting your natural expression be in this moment,
you are allowing consciousness, you are allowing peace.

You are celebrating the unconditional love that you are.

This honesty is real love.
The willingness to be so open,
honest and vulnerable in this moment is real love.

Much love,


Kip is the Creator of The Kundalini Shakti CDs
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