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From A Live Meditation: How to Live in Oneness & Peace

This quote is from a recent live satsang.
You can listen to it by playing this youtube video
It's nice to listen to while reading:

"The essence of this moment
is oneness, peace, fulfillment.

There is nothing that is separate
from this peace.

To say the physical world
is Maya (illusion) is not really true.
Maya (illusion) is created in the mind.

You objectify this world.
You create a 'you'
and all of the individual objects
that are separate from you.

Which is not actually the problem.
At the simple level of objectification,
if your attention is still resting in
the essential oneness of this moment,
then objectifying the world is natural.

You feel both the oneness
and the sense of you & everything else.
But that everything else is still oneness.

People make sandcastles on the beach.
They make dolphins, mermaids
all out of sand on the beach.
Write their names in the sand.

You can be aware of all of these things,
but they are all made of sand.
That essential oneness remains.

And I'm not talking
intellectually knowing everything is one,
I am talking feeling it.

Your attention always is resting in it.
Your attention can be looking outward
and resting in it all at once.

Because attention itself is oneness.
Attention itself is consciousness.
It's the essential nature of oneness.

So when you are looking from consciousness,
from this essential oneness
at other objects, they are not felt as different.

They can be seen to be different like
the different sand sculptures.
You can recognize all of the different things
yet the essential nature of everything
is oneness; peace.

The suffering comes in,
you get locked in Maya,
you get locked in the illusion of duality
when your attention goes so far
into the objects, that it's no longer
resting in its essential nature of oneness.

Desire itself is not the problem.
Desire is natural.

Its the hyper-objectification
to the point where your attention
is locked into duality.
It's locked into the sense of 'me'
separate from everything else.

When you look, perceive, experience the world
from your essential nature of oneness,
you feel love for everything.

Love, oneness,
they're kind of the same thing at this level.
That's real love.

You know you say
'I love chocolate chip cookies'
that's not really love!

You don't love chocolate chip cookies.
You desire to eat chocolate chip cookies.
If the desire to eat chocolate cookies
were not there, you would feel no love
for chocolate chip cookies.
You would be indifferent to them.

So love is the essential oneness.
It's what spontaneously arises
out of that oneness, out of that connection.

It's not a personal sense,
it's not liking, it's not desire.
It's a sense of compassion almost.
Not in a separate sense,
but a sense of everything's your family.

Much love,


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