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From a Recent Satsang: Resting in the Naturalness of This Moment

This quote is from a recent satsang.
You can hear it by playing the youtube video.
It's nice to meditate to while reading.

"Whatever you do (for spiritual practice)
its always moving
into resting in the naturalness
of this moment.

That naturalness,
that allowing of what is naturally here to be
is so important.

That relaxation
evaporates the illusion of duality.

It dissolves
that contracted sense
of separateness.

When you feel the peace
of that naturalness
then that peace guides you.

A lot of spiritual teaching
ends up being understood as
'I should be like this.'

'I should be compassionate.'
'I should be compassionate,
I shouldn't be grumpy.'

Well then what are you doing?
(by saying that)
You're separating yourself
from the naturalness of this moment.

Because if grumpiness is what is here
and you fully allow that grumpiness
and you're fully aware of that grumpiness
then the grumpiness gets transformed.

The charge in it that keeps you
identified with it,
that keeps you stuck in it
as 'I am this grumpiness'
gets dissolved.

And then grumpiness can be felt as peace.
And when grumpiness can be felt as peace
then everything can be felt as peace.

And when everything can be felt as peace
naturally you will be compassionate
when it's necessary to be compassionate.

It will be your natural experience.
It won't be something you impose
on to this moment.

When you feel everything as peace,
when you feel every emotion as peace,
you feel that bliss, that vibrating bliss
that is the emotion,

then you can really fall in love with yourself.
You can really delight in yourself.

You will find completion in yourself.
The greatest fulfillment is just
being alive as you.

Much love,


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