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I'm now a Practical Spirituality Examiner for, and just posted an article that mentions AOAND:

From To Do to Ta-Da!

Enjoy, and if you'd like to become an Examiner, please contact me for a direct referral! Thanks ~

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Comment by Jeanne on September 10, 2009 at 12:12pm
Love it... as soon as finish writing this comment, I'm going to change my to-do list to a ta-da list. Already it sounds more fun to do.

I have a much harder time to answer the "what do you do?" question now than a couple decades ago when my tasks were more clearly delineated and my skills were less. ...but now, even I don't know what hat I'll be wearing tomorrow and I have a broader base of skills to spread my doing across. So... what to do... oh yeah, ...ta-da...



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