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Full Moon August 2012

Click here for: The Full Moon Transmission for August 2012

The Stargate of Aldebaran

Recalibration to 72 Dimensions of Reality


The Information from the Galactic Council and energy transmission from the Archangel Metatron are to do with bringing energy through a Stargate or portal opening from the star, Aldebaran into another more expanded galactic world.  This energy will recalibrate your physical body to receive energy from 72 dimensions of reality.  The music used with the energy transmission is composed by Marcos Frangos from the Czech Republic and is called 'The Peace of 2012'.  It was composed and recorded on 5 May 2012...555.



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More Information

The month of August has two full moons, today 1 August and at the end of the month on 31 August. This time period is a 'once in a blue moon' opportunity for us all to begin to recreate and recalibrate to receiving energy from 72 dimensions of reality. This expansion of energy flooding into the Earth and indeed the entire Milky Way Galaxy comes through a stargate, or energy portal, opening on the star Aldebaran. This stargate is now beginning to open as part of a Divine Plan for the evolutionary advancement of all life within this galaxy.

The focus of this Full Moon Transmission is an energy transmission from the Archangel Metatron, which is designed to immediately re-synthesize our physical bodies to receive energy from 72 dimensions of reality. I am told by Spirit that within this galaxy there are 48 dimensions of reality. Our opening into receiving energy from 72 dimensions of reality will activate and enhance human potential.

August 1 Full Moon transmission also includes information about what we can all do to move through the ascension process with ease and grace, information about which foods best support your physical body, and an energy transmission to code you to energetically improve the nutritional quality of the food you eat.

We want to continue making these transmissions free.  Please only download once, save to your computer desktop and replay from your computer desktop.  It is suggested that you listen to this transmission lying down.



Free Energy Activations

These Energy Words are a Gift from God

Important: Please read before listening

Listening to these activation transmissions will affect you on all levels of body, mind and spirit and precipitate changes which cannot necessarily be predicted. We all hold energy frequencies in our DNA, cells and energy fields, which are the result of thoughts we have created in the past or had projected at us by others. The intention of the spiritual hierarchy in bringing these sound codes through Judy as the human conduit is to prepare humanity for soul ascension and the changes that lie ahead for us all as we 'shift' in energy vibration along with the Earth, our energy 'Mother'.

Each activation is 30 minutes. It is recommended that you listen to each at least three times for optimal benefits. Wait 72 hours before listening to other transmissions and during this time drink plenty of water. If you are listening prior to joining 2008 activations then listen to each in chronological order one time beginning with October 2006.

You MAY experience fatigue or emotional swings, or you may indeed feel really happy and peaceful. Don't judge yourself or the work based on your response. YOU WILL GO THROUGH CHANGE. Uncomfortable reactions are like a detoxification process of consciousness. BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF.



Free Energy Activations Menu:  The Three Blessings for Health, Abundance and Joy...and more


Ascension and You:  Energy work to clear and work with current ascension symptoms


Karma Klear:  Energy activations to clear belief systems created by past and current life trauma




About 'The Sound of Light'


I have been trained by Spirit to speak 'Energy Words of New Creation' in the form of a spiritual light language, very rapid frequencies of sound and light that are transmitted through my hands and voice. 

I work together with the Elohim, the Creator aspect of God, the various Galactic Councils, the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms to bring this energy work and information forward as part of a Divine Plan. It is to do with consciousness evolution and physical recreation for the Earth and the people of the Earth. 

The Light Language that I speak is energy - sound, vibration and coding - designed to activate soul memory, restructure the energy circuits of the body, clear karmic energy distortion, and recode the DNA. The DNA recoding energy is transmitted by the Elohim. It is designed to activate a process of re-genesis so that as the Earth is advanced to a fifth dimensional energy pattern, so too might we. Much of this process is automatic. My work acts as a catalyst, to prepare as many people as quickly possible to hold higher dimensional light. 

I have created this website like a library of information and energy transmissions to assist you through Earth's ascension process and to more easily do the service work that YOU have come to do.


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