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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

A Chance


Take Some time, when you have it,

To give yourself a Chance to detach.

Detach from your everyday life and all the worry

And drama that you may have invested and bought into.


Give yourself a Chance to have a higher perspective,

As you would view the world from high in the Clouds

Looking down on all the passing dreams of People in the World below.


Give yourself a Chance to be free to Change your state of mind.

To release your burdons and clear away anything that has been weighing you down.


And Give your self a chance to Retreat,

And see your life Objectively, from your Souls perspective,

Be in a Place of being All Right. Breathe In that Space

And let all of the Light from your Soul Fill you with peace.


Give yourself a Chance to Enjoy the Journey,

And to be open to having a New experience,

With a New Perspective, and Reset your Way of Thinking to Now.


Give your self a Chance and know that your deserve it.

For it is a great Practice to be able to Leave the World Behind,

As we all will someday.

Give yourself a Chance To see the True beauty and Wonders of the World that is beyond what you may have known. To allow your self to Have a new beginning.


So smile, and Give thanks for your life and all you have done,

And all that is waiting for you when you give yourself a Chance.

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