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Grounding Meditation Grid for 9/11 ~ Waves of Bliss


This is the 9.9.11 Gateway Portal entitled Grounding Meditation Grid for 9.11 by Jim Foster.

It can be performed at any time to assist in grounding self & healing mother earth.

It is a short & powerful 40:31 audio.

Peace & Many Blessings
Esta Lior

0-3 intro with jim [update on Waves of Bliss]
3-4:14 prayer request for those in need of shelter, support & our love
4:14-5 importance of grounding :: 'we are antennas on mother earth'

6:20-9:31 Grounding Meditation

9:31-13:31 current events of earth's catastrophes' inc. 9.11
'bring the energy back to neutral {or better}'

13:33-22:22 Setting up a Grid around us

Divine Mother
St. Germain
Sanat Kumara

Goddess Hecate
Lord Buddha
Mother Mary
Quan Yin
Master Jesus

Angelic Forces of Violet Flame
Angelic Forces of Violet Ray
Angelic Forces of Violet Light

Hecate's Angels of Light
Lord Buddha's Angels of Peace & Non-Violence
Mother Mary's Angels of Healing Light
Quan Yin's Bodhissatva's of Compassion
Master Jesus Angels of Divine Love

23:00-28 taking the Grid of Light to Lower-Manhattan [9.11.01] or to where you wish to place this grid and at the point you wish + Jim recalls his experience of 9/11

28:00-40:31 Grid Visualisation to Actualize

Goddess of Victory
Goddess of Liberty

Great Silent Watcher

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