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Happy Mother’s Day !!! The most powerful bond is a mother and her child. A mother is unconditional in her love for her children. Without the wonderful mother’s in this world caring for their children, where would our planet be? Where would you be? How many people would not have become the success they are without their moms? Think of all that your mother, grandmothers, aunts and other special “mothers” have done for you. What a blessing they are and what an incredible contribution they make. A mother does not even have to think before usually sacrificing anything for her child. Our elders and matriarchs provide special wisdom, guidance, truth and clarity for us. They have life experience that is well beyond our years and our eyes. I am fortunate to had wonderful, wise and loving Mom who have made me the wman I am today. My Mom is not here , but she is in my heart and will be forever till I meet her in Heaven. My Mom died from cancer almost 13 years ago.I miss her so ver much and think every day. Her love, encouragement, support, guidance and nurturing are invaluable. On this Mother’s Day I give thanks for my dear Mom. God blesses us with special “mothers” to guide us on our path. I hope you appreciate yours too and acknowledge them from your heart. With love,Izabella

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