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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

There is magnificent beauty all around us when we choose to observe life through love.  There is also amazing wisdom right within us when we are patient and listen to our heart.  These sublime qualities become a spontaneous part of our experience as we expand our awareness and go beyond our immediate reactions, preconceived expectations and limited notions.  Some may call such a life of innate joy an unattainable heaven, where others realize it to be a natural way of living.

What we presently perceive as our reality, individually and collectively, is in fact a very limited perspective of a much grander adventure. The intricacy and magnitude of our combined thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams and desires, is astounding.  Our ability to imagine potentials, coupled with our capacity to manifest these ideas and make them tangible experiences, is nothing short of miraculous.  The evidence is obvious in the intense diversity we find ourselves experiencing right now on our planet.

With this diversity comes incredible opportunity.  Never before have we realized our creative capacity and simultaneously, the enormous responsibility held within each of our creations. We are rapidly becoming aware of our active participation in a shared reality that reaches far beyond us individually, our immediate family, friends or local community.  The ideas we presently entertain in our own consciousness are the seeds of a future yet to be made, that literally affects the whole.  What we are currently conceiving and imagining will eventually interact with others, either enhance or destroy our expressions, and ultimately influence our collective lives.

Whether we experience life as a form of heaven or something less than that is simply a matter of where we place our attention. If we continue to focus on things that are limited, destructive, based in lack or held in the past, we are destined to create more of the same. Yet, if we are bold and steadfast, we are able to recognize the splendor held within each moment.  We understand the nature of our personal creative abilities through our thoughts and feelings, and we willingly intend and experience outcomes that benefit all. 

These are not idle speculations, an ignoring of present circumstances, or intentions of false hopes.  Quite the contrary, this is acknowledging and knowing that we are powerful beyond our wildest imagination and that we do in fact, have an effect on what happens next. Love is the key that unlocks our greatest possibilities.  It is the presence of love that becomes increasingly obvious as we take time to notice it and integrate it into every experience.  This is heaven and this is the potential that awaits you in 2011.

Love, light and peace,

Harold W. Becker

President and Founder

The Love Foundation, Inc.

“Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally”

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