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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Hello My New Friends at Architects Of The New Dawn... The Sun Has Risen... The New Dawn Is Now... And It Is In Our Hands!

Hello My New Friends at Architects Of The New Dawn... The Sun Has Risen... The New Dawn Is Now... And It Is In Our Hands! This is Christopher "TheDigiDude" with and The FYI Global New Media Project...I AM offering my contribution to the New Dawn... The New Media. The Global New Media Project is the New Internet Based, Global Media... For The People, By The People and About The People. It is a Rich Media Streaming E-commerce Marketplace, Business Platform, Travel, News, Communication and Entertainment Network. As a Global Business and Social Entrepreneure, I feel that the People and Businesses Globally need Access to The Media, That Time Has Come... It is now up to us!

This Is An Awesome Network and I hope that through a truly needed coming together of all Sisters and Brothers Globally, That We The People of Planet Earth... Sisters and Brothers All... can take back our God Given Freedoms, Stop The Government's Desire To War, To Feed and Teach The World, To Bring Back Mother Earth To Her Pristine Beauty As We Are Her Care Takers. To Perpetuate Love and Mutual Respect For All... I Could Go On For Days! It Is Up To Us... We gave them our power and you can see what they have done... It is truly up to us!

We are looking for those who want to do their own Live and On Demand Shows to our Global Audience... We have been Alexa Rated In The Top 10% Of All Websites Globally and that is just the Florida/Global site... Businesses who want to advertise their Business, Service and Products from Local to Global on our BIZ-Tube, Have Complete Control Of Your Marketing, Image & Presence... Indi Musicians, Play and Sell your music to our global audience... This Is Huge...

We are on 22 Social and Business Networks, But check us out on "YOUR Space" at as well as go to the site and check it out ... let us know what you think...

I Truly Love Carlos Santana, His Music Is Truly From His Soul and Probably Divinely Inspired and The Soul That Inhabits The Carlos Space Suit Is Incredible! I saw Carlos in 1973 or 4 at the Speedway Outdoor Concert... Awesome... At the end of the 3rd day... all the musicians jammed and Carlos & Eric Together... There are just no words to describe the energy! We were All Blessed to be there in the Rain and Mud...

This Is Christopher "TheDigiDude" Uhland with and The Global New Media Project... Got Questions, Suggestions, Wanna Be A Part Of the New Medi? Contact Me At:

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