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How Harnessing Your Integrity Will Create the Right Career.

Having been through a 10 year career in corporate finance, I witnessed the quenching of people’s dynamic spark, saw the creative talent drain from them and witnessed their jobs becoming ‘sentences’. So why do people end up doing jobs that just become a struggle?
Quiet simply, you stop following your passion and live from the sub conscious fear based conditioning, you are not worthy to live a happy life. It is in the focus of your desires that you ignite the dynamic spark; you begin your energetic communications and reconnect with your natural, powerful energetic essence.
Let me explain some of the science that goes on internally.

Why does it matter what frequency your cells resonate at?
The frequency will be mirrored in your external environment and low frequency has the correlation with the emotions of stress, anger, anxiety, lack of confidence and self worth. So when your internal environment holds the belief of not being worthy, you create the corresponding experiences in your external world.
You see, we live in an energetic Universe, where energy does not hear words, it feels frequency and your frequency resonates out as vibrational energy. This transmutes your belief you are not worthy to be in a certain career and you get back experiences and opportunities that never bring that career any closer. This then compounds the belief you are not worthy for your chosen career and so a cycle ensues.

Now, if you turn that around…

You see, what shows up in your external environment will always be the reflection of your place of belief. So if you truly desire to change your life it must start by beginning the internal work on your beliefs and more importantly, changing the sub conscious programme ; as with all the will in the world to ‘be positive’, unless your have dealt with the negative charges within your cellular memories, your sub conscious will always default back to the fear based conditioning.

Focusing on not only being in your chosen career but actually in the role that completely fulfils your passion.

An essential point of awareness- Always allow your vulnerability to show you where you hold your fear. Again, we have been so socially conditioned to believe that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, when in fact this is merely the smoke and mirrors to stop you fully utilising your innate power and identifying what needs to be released. Be prepared, this may reveal to you, the job you are currently in, is actually completely misaligned to your values and vision (This was the case with my financial career!).

Once you have that vision, see and feel yourself loving every minute of it until you fully believe you are living your desires already. What is essential, is that you begin to live your truth. In doing this, you are creating new neural networks forming in your brain, which create the output for the peritoneal lobe to create the holographic projection of your perception.

I call this conscious creating, where you take back control of your life and create the life of your passion, values, vision and truth. It takes a little work to begin with, to move away from the fear based programming, however, through the power and force of your natural energy, trusting your intuition and focusing on always living your truth, YOU transmute energy, in experiences and opportunities aligned only to your highest purpose.

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