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While working in Corporate Finance, I witnessed first hand the devastating effect that employee sick leave had on organisations. Being head of a department meant I had to manage the added work load of those employees off sick.

It caused more work for my team and myself, especially when the sick leave became drawn out and immeasurable. This causes added pressure for many companies all over the world, losing productivity and money through soaring sick pay costs.

Yet this can all be changed once HR departments, department heads, CEOs and company owners understand the most effective way to stop employees needing to take sick leave.

Taking a look at some statistics for 2009/10 in the UK, there is so much money being lost in companies that is just not necessary.
For instance:

  • *Sick pay that employers paid to workers with occupational illnesses and injuries was 960 million. That is without Statutory Sick Pay, which is paid out by the government.
  • The loss of output is estimated to have cost between 7,010 to 10,240 million.
  • The cost of ill health to the employer is estimated at 7.6 to 11.6 billion.
  • The cost of ill health to society is estimated at 11.3 to 17.3 billion.
In 2011/12
  • An estimated 1.1 million people who worked in 2011/12 were suffering from a work-related illness, of which 452 000 were new cases which started in the year
  • Around 80% of the new work-related conditions in 2011/12 were musculoskeletal disorders or stress, depression or anxiety
  • Other work-related illnesses include skin disease, respiratory disease, hearing loss and vibration-related disorders

Having left corporate finance to live my truth and passion, I have since worked with many clients to help them understand the real scientific, physiological reasons why staying emotionally positive  is so important. This allowed me to understand how  those who regularly stayed in negative emotions succumbed to sickness.

You see I work with scientific facts in helping people to understand their body frequency. It is understanding that the human body works through the communication of energy. Scientists such as Dr Bruce Lipton have through extensive study proved that your cells take their signal from your beliefs not your environment. This signal is then transmitted through the body via the nervous system (the electrical system) and determines the frequency at which your body resonates.

Yes I did say frequency. All our internal and external  interaction is done through vibrational frequency. As far back as 1920 we have documented clinical trials of a Dr Royal Raymond Rife who created a frequency monitoring machine that CURED 1,000 patients of cancer!

Since then Bruce Tanio moved this work on, mainly in being able to identify frequency in plants, soil and essential oils. More recently by Dr Konstantin Korotkov with his  EPI Bioelectrography, this has allowed scientists to now determine the frequency of the human body:

  • A healthy body is 78 to 83Hz
  • Colds, flu and illness begin at 56 to 60Hz
  • Cancer receptors activate at 42Hz

So you see the lower the body frequency, the more the immune system becomes compromised and inflamed which is where you see illness develop.

Now let’s relate this to the workforce. Very simply when employees move into lower frequency, they get ill!

Any time I work with clients and I hear the phrase ‘You will have to excuse me, I have a rotten cold that I can’t seem to shift’ I immediately know they have moved their body frequency to below 60Hz, which indicates there is resistance going on between what they are experiencing in their day to day lives and living their truth and values inside.


All illness, without question is the physical manifestation of resistance in the body. Putting this in energetic terms,  resistance can be many things, it commonly stems from a lack of self belief or self worth, a loss of confidence or feeling out of control.

This can be caused in your personal or business life through stress derived from  living to other’s expectations from their own place of low self worth. Being ‘controlled’ by others  to work or live against your own core values and more importantly through not understanding the foundations of all health, happiness and abundance  financially  or emotionally, comes from defining who you are and living your vision and passion.

How can HR departments, department heads, CEOs and company owners use this to prevent sick leave? It is all about knowledge; when business educates their workforce managers to understand and recognise the body frequencies of their employees and this is will always be  indicated by their emotional state, which correlates directly with the body frequency:

Higher Frequency = Creativity, expectation, optimism, happiness, confidence

Lower Frequency = Contraction, anger, stress, frustration, jealousy, low self worth

It is essential that managers and executive leaders can recognise the signs of their employees going into lower frequency and though this happens on many levels , it can be seen initially, simply by the employee’s emotional place of being. Procedures need to be put into place to allow these employees to have guidance to help them unravel the cause of the resistance and learn how to recognise how their emotions are a gauge to their energetic body frequency.

Sick leave can be dramatically reduced and if effective action is taken can be near enough illuminated. I know, as my personal experience has been no ‘illness’ in over 13 years and understanding the internal work on my self worth was the key.

* Health and Safety Executive “Costs to Britain of Workplace Accidents and WorkRelated Ill Health

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