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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

This quote is from a live satsang which you can listen to
by playing this youtube video.

"If you live as surrender itself,
then you live in perfect peace.

You leave that surrender,
then you are becoming something;
you are becoming a someone.

Then that someone needs
to defend itself;
needs to have a position;
needs to be right
and make others wrong;
has desires, has needs, has fears
that need to be fulfilled.

So as a person,
the mind is constantly figuring out
how to manipulate this moment.

But when you live as surrender,
there's nobody here to defend.
There's nobody here
to manipulate this moment;
to make this moment different than it is.

When you are nothing
and you rest as that nothing,
then you are not nothing
in the sense of a void
that is empty of feeling
but rather a void that is full of feeling.

It's just the pure vibration of peace.

There's nobody there to attain something.
There is nothing needed
or missing or wanting.

It's just pure delight.
The vibration of innocent joy.

And that same joy,
that same consciousness,
that same nothingness
looks through everybody's eyes
and manifests as everything.

Much love,


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