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funny how something most of us consider mundane, like scars......can be so deep(no pun intended)and have so many different meanings. The short post that was put up on the main page...reminded me not only of physical scars, but emotional ones as well.

Most of us have inner scars, private hurts that have somehow never healed, either because we nurse them so they dont or wont......or because we dont know how to help ourselves, heal ourselves....and so there they are.....and they are deserving of being treated with dignity......

Those emotional scars represent wounds that can still bring tears to our eyes upon thinking about them, fleetingly or pensively thinking about them, or the how and the why and who we inflicted them on or who inflicted them on us matter how much time has passed.

...and so the moments, days, weeks, years roll on and the hurts are still there...lingering just beneath the surface...waiting until the next time the memory of them captures our attention. There is no need to feel ashamed about visiting and re-visiting our past hurts....most of the psycho-babble therapies...tell u not to think about release them, to let them go...easier said than done. I think visiting them is what helps us heal....helps us keep our resolve if we are trying to work through them.....we are after all human....souls and bodies that inhabit each others physical and spiritual spheres......and its our hurts and the lessons we learn, or dont learn from them that keep us human. There is dignity in that.

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