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Lonely? - Quit Rejecting Yourself


We all long for intimate relationships; we wish that we are one with people. This yearning, which every normal person has, emanates from an unconscious, but spiritual, perception that we are one with Life itself. Where there is NO SENSE OF REJECTION there will be no loneliness.

I No Longer Reject Myself:
Knowing I am one with all people in the Spirit, I receive everyone as a friend. I establish a close and intimate
relationship with everyone I meet-something goes out from me and becomes unified with them. I include all and exclude none. Higher than all differences is that union of the soul with its Source; beyond all differentiation, the Infinite Person, is enshrined in in the sanctuary of my own consciousness. One with all people, I enjoy this Divine companionship. I embrace the Infinite in everyone and in turn am embraced by it.

Ernest Holmes "Daily Wisdom"

Pamela Williams:
When we work on removing all the masks the only thing left to see is the Infinite love of Spirit, in all its forms. Thank you DIVINE. I AM THAT I AM

Bobby Hinkle:
Ignore all past teaching and verbal abuse that created feelings of unworthiness in you. Ignore it all, and love yourself, and this love will become like a wave flowing out to everyone. Love begins at home.

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