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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

If I could capture the Spirit

That your Love brings to my Heart

Some way the soul could share it

So we could live in the memory it imparts


Than the soul could find the power to fly

So free and still in you remain

In the gift that love will always bring

When this song here in your soul remains


This is the song, and a memory

Of what was the key I found

To understand what love is

And what is found here in this earth’s domain


And some shimmering sound of brilliance

Brought this light for you to find

and even though this life won’t last

The spirit of it came in one last embrace.


If I could capture the spirit

Of that love within your heart.

And find some way t share it

And find a way to create

A tribute to it before I depart


For in each breath of love

Is a memory of what it can bring

When you dance to the heartbeat

Of a greater dream of a love left

Here For us to sing


And this song I leave for you

Is a promise that I keep

A the purpose that time defies

When love is just a memory


Yet here in Spirit I still live

And I smile at the time and space

That somehow brought your heart to me

And was found in one last embrace.





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