Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

In Pursuit of Spirit

We follow the sweet sounds of the soul

And the angels song  resonates within so that you will know

And we pray and ask God  to lead us to it

And yet we know it is always here

In Pursuit of Spirit

We see the light that shines as we reach out for the way

And we breathe the life that bears it’s cross that shows us how each day

And it takes away the veil that covers our Vision

And we ask for the life force that we have been given

To Please allow this love we are to be


So we can breathe in this pure spirit

And we can hold it’s love deep in our hearts

Even though others can not understand

What it is that it is we seek.

In Pursuit of Spirit

We crave the pure bliss that feeds the flight of angels

And the secrets from within

That lay  out there on the road

And it burns with the force of Creation

And feeds the fire  of the rising of the sun.


And when that radiant light of God is called on

And answers with a love that breaks you apart

 the power of all life is ready to take over

If you are ready to make a new start

This exquisite moment of being

This completion of the your life

In pursuit of spirit

God gives you a new life


And must trust your heart and you must be ready

To  allow God’s Blessings to reign with Love on thee

And though everything is different it is all still just the same

And the masters laugh and the angels smile

And they are with you always 

and they will  remain as you turn to face your life

In pursuit of Spirit

When we just stop and see

All that we need and all that we are

And all you came to be

 when Spirit came into your heart

And with a breathe Let you be free

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