Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

inspired by Salvia and Penny Kelly's ROBES

Salvia is speaking through me... there is such a depth of significance
of why we are here at this time... not as a scintillating or titillating
realm but one of pure incubation, one of sheer focus and honesty to see
where our strengths are and face the various weaknesses of ourselves to
start the process of true interdependence... letting that love come
through. letting that love be the foundation from which we move into
this "world" to grasp and see the importance of how fragile we are.
watch our thoughts, our words, our actions. and to let our gifts shine
and truly help each other, truly assist and support each other.. and it
comes to going deep into our own lives and to see and feel what gives us
the most supreme aliveness.. is it fear? is it being miserable? is it
in our nature to be high and empathic and contagious of aliveness and
laughter and smiling and being the ecstatic one that we truly are? we
talk about coming out of this dark age.. but we can ONLY come out of it
if there are people strong enough to look within and pull forth the NEW
from those depths to the NOW.. yes there will always be the ones who
fight against.. yes and lets support them but they also need to support
US for wanting to BE the changes, be the light that they are fighting
for.. we need ALL of ourselves to DO and to BE what and why we came
here... we did not come here to keep ravishing the planet for our own
ego satisfaction.. THAT is whats killing the earth.. and it is going to
that CORE, that core of LOVE that will move us, direct us, be listened
to so that we can gain strength... not in numbers but in feelings, of
expressions, of our natural fruits and inclinations and aspirations and
dreams.. and the strength to move our "dreams" to a reality that can be
TASTED and breathed and seen in our own eyes..

this is the moment to be touched, to touch ourselves, to touch each
other with that brilliant smile, with that exquisite soft piercing glow
from our eyes to touch each other so that the light that is shining
underneath all of this mirage will come forth and ignite a revolution so
vast, so immense that we wont even know what hit us.. but it will be a
love that will move beyond tears and bliss and become an actuality of
why we came here in the first place. And finding our people to play with
right now is quintessential.

signing off... with a hahahahahhahahhaa

-- inspired by salvia plus reading Robes by Penny Kelly.

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