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Is Your Mental House Divided?

You know so much about Law of Attraction, you could teach something about it to others. But, living it in faith consistently? That’s another matter.

After all my experiences of the Universe working in my favor and doing what I know works, I still bump into times when old program tapes can be triggered to run in certain situations. At such times, I momentarily forget I know anything about Law of Attraction or that I have a lifetime of proof that the Law works—All The Time.

I was going through one of THOSE times recently, and something became obvious to me: my mental house was divided. The negative internal gremlin became quite a chatterbox; and I bet you know what I’m talking about when I say I was uncomfortable… big-time. Whenever we step away from faith (absence of doubt) in how the Universe works, it hurts us in more ways than one.

No matter what we know about how Law of Attraction works or admit to the fact it’s never not working, we can still get trapped into finding our faith limited by paying more attention to what’s happened in the past than on what is really and truly possible right now. At such times, our conscious mind is affected by our subconscious expectations (learned levels of faith), and we block better experiences—and more often than not, get what we subconsciously expect.

Ernest Holmes wrote:

“A sense of separation from good causes us to feel restricted; while a sense of our Unity with GOOD changes the currents of Causation and brings a happier condition into the experience….Man’s individuality enables him to make such use of the Law as he desires. He is bound, not by limitation but by limited thought. The same power which binds him will free him when he understands the Law to be one of liberty and not of bondage. The power within man can free him from all distasteful conditions if the Law governing this power is properly understood and utilized.”

When you find yourself in a funk and off the path of faith that the Universe works in your favor, how do you get back on it? That’s a real question I’m asking. How do YOU get back on it? You might be triggered by others or events, but no one and nothing can make you lose your faith, just as no one and nothing can get you back on track. You have to agree to get off and agree to get back on. You’re human—you’ll get off the path at times. Getting back on is a process that requires consistent practice.

Think of a cup filled with murky water. You could dump the water out, wash the cup, and refill it with clean water. Or, you could pour a stream of water into the cup and know that over time only clean water would fill the cup. It’s like this with negative thoughts both obvious in the conscious mind and buried in the subconscious mind. It isn’t very often someone is able to simply empty, wash, and refill when it comes to negative programming. The process for most of us is usually more like the second option, where we consistently add new, better thoughts that eventually flush out the murky ones. The thing is that we have to do this until it makes a difference, then keep doing it to maintain and expand our positive results.

What often messes with us is our impatience caused by tension. It can’t be emphasized enough: Stress and strain block energy and flow of good things to us; relaxed and trusting allows energy to flow and work as it should—in our best interest.

Keeping the faith may be a challenge at times, but we know that Faith + Relaxed = Desired Results (and even better ones).

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer
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