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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Just Love it


So here you are with your life

Now open like a book,

Can you laugh at the human condition

And just Love it and all that it took.


Can you lift it up to the Alter of God

And release it all and set it free.

Can be objective and let the soul be?


So here you are with the world to serve

And you must find a way not to judge it.

Can you finally find some Purpose in life,

And let yourself not be above it.


Can you find the guiding light that’s true,

can you drop the separation,

Of you and the world so you can begin again

And find a way to just love it.


We can take this very moment

 and say Yes to our precious life,

for something in life will guide us

if we get lost in the darkest of nights.


Perhaps it‘s a friend or an angel

That teaches us today.

Or maybe it’s a voice inside of you

For Life is full of miracles

That can set things right.


There is a way in this very moment

That God can be with you it’s true.

If you Stand in the light of a new day

And take a moment from all you do.

And believe in the miracle

Of this precious life

And just love it

And allow God to Love you.




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