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Kuthumi Vietnam Channelling I ~ Michelle Eloff/Manders

Palace of Peace


Dear Friends,


When we first started working with the energies of Vietnam and Cambodia in 2008 this channelling was delivered. Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene have asked me to share these with you, because our trip in September  2011 forms the next level of what these activations initiated. There are two more that follow this one. Don't worry about dates mentioned in this channelling, just focus on attuning to the new paradigm of consciousness and energy being presented.


Much Love






Vietnam Channelling - One


   All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders    


Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 18 June 2008


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of peace, tranquillity, healing and surrender.  Greetings beloved ones.  


And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.


Beloved ones, as we begin the activation of this next series of initiations we bring you the opportunity to integrate a divine quality that your fully mastered self already holds within the light of your energy field, what we mean by this, is this particular trio of initiations is offering you an opportunity to integrate a mastered aspect of yourself, something that will enable you to understand the greater purpose of your life and how it is that this divine purpose is leading you in the direction of your sacred destiny.


Many people have been experiencing visions of what lurks within the shadows; aspects of themselves they have rejected as a result of interpreting these parts as negative, unacceptable, and realising that to be a part of that shadow self is not only uncomfortable, but will also challenge other aspects of their reality. With these initiations you are going to be faced with the authentic self - the wild and authentic self and the wounded self. What will happen is that your authentic self will be there in full essence and in its full presence to take the wounded aspects of your self and pull them into the light of its authenticity.  This is not limited to a few people following these initiations, this is a planetary shift in awareness and consciousness.


There are in total thirty-one thousand of the "new children" as they are referred to who will be holding this energy. They will be held by the energy of Lord Ra, Thoth, Horus, myself Kuthumi, Master Jesus, El Morya, Hilarion and St Germain. Our energies will be there to facilitate this deep inner transformation that the children of your planet are initiating.  These thirty-one thousand children have already undergone personal journeys of remembering their truth and reconnecting with the inner spirit, their inner divinity and that which fuels the light inside of them. Many of these children have either recently awoken to their gift of being able to see that which cannot be seen by others, or will step into that realisation and acknowledgement in a very short space of time. The children we refer to are the key guardians of the sacred world of the inner child. The inner child for adults is the consciousness of your child self, and it is this consciousness that you are being made more aware of so as to understand what it is from that time either inhibiting or limiting you in one way or another.


There is going to be a major shifting of energy, the energy will first be anchored on the 6th of August 2008 in Namibia specifically, Windhoek and in Hanoi, as these two energies connect so there will be a portal of light which opens within the heart chakras of these thirty-one thousand children. As their hearts open so a new consciousness, a fluid consciousness, pours forth which will automatically act as an activator of that same portal within the heart of every receptive human being on the Planet Earth. When these two heart centres activate; Hanoi and Windhoek, there will be an influx of energy coming directly from Venus, which will be projected through the Lion Heart and Sun Chakra, activated for the majority of humanity some years ago already, and will undergo the next phase of its own amplification. For those of you who do not know, the Sun Chakra is located between the base and sacral chakras, as the fire of this particular chakra grows in strength so the ability to draw power from the base, the sun and the sacral chakras up into the heart chakra strengthens, and the Tantric Tube becomes stronger in its ability to root itself not only within the consciousness of human beings, but within the body and the reality of that which is being experienced, and it is this Tube, this golden flow of energy, that roots the consciousness of light within all receptive human beings.


The turning points that were offered to humanity from the month of May 2008 already, and those that were linked to the Grand Canyon activations, increase and penetrate another level through these particular initiations, and the children are the key element in this one. In the activation of the White Fire Element, and the opening of the Golden Heart Chakra in Egypt in April 2008, a lot of preparation was done for these activations happening now in August 2008. The purpose for bringing the authentic self and wounded self together is far greater than you can imagine, for when the authentic self trans-parents the wounded self you are omitting "the middle man" so to speak; let me call it the "Chiron influence" for now.  The "Chiron influence" is linked to the planet Chiron, which is the planet of the wounded healer. We are not using the wounded healer aspect in this sense, it is actually coming from the authentic healer aspect, which is why it cuts out a lot of unnecessary projections right now. Most healers on your planet are wounded healers, and now all wounded healers are going through this process of stepping into the authentic self and ascending from the position of being a  wounded healer into the position of an authentic healer. The old paradigm of the old world needed wounded healers, where you are moving to at this time the authentic healer is needed, no more wounded healers, for the wounded healers are becoming authentic within themselves, therefore we call them Authentic Healers. A wounded healer cannot give fully of themselves, because they are wounded. Healed wounds deliver the gift of authenticity.


Therefore, the inner child consciousness that carries the wounds are often "mistaken wounds," because all it is, is the shadow holding a treasured aspect of self which was rejected, it is not necessarily a wound, and as a result of this realization you will witness rapid changes taking place. Those of you who choose to walk this triple initiation, you will find that within hours of the process beginning it will have already ended. The authentic self is a raw power beloved ones, it is wild, it is uncompromising to a degree, this is the part of you that knows exactly what your truth is, you could consider this part of you the claircognisant self, the self that knows your truth, however, the authentic self is a part that can fully operate in the third dimensional world and in any other dimension, for there is no need for it to be detached, distracted or separate from anything it is, because it is at one with all it can operate and function from more empowering perspectives.


You will see that during this time children will within themselves already begin to face their own wounds and experience the power and presence of their authentic self, that in itself is an incredible gift, because never before have children of such young ages been able to step into their power, especially within a third dimension in which there is so much deceit, deception, illusion and abuse. These children are creating a powerful bridge between the dualities of these two worlds, and it is these thirty-one thousand specifically who are building the first bridges. These bridges will facilitate the crossing over of every other child who is ready to embrace their authentic self and serve and walk as catalysts within the lives of their parents, peer groups, teachers and other family members. These are the ones who have walked the gauntlet many times before, children who have within them an immense capacity to understand; a wisdom that many adults have not seen before.


At this particular phase of the triple initiation you are introduced to the Dragon Energy.  The Dragon Energy is the fire inside of you, the voice of fire and this precious ones is part of the White Fire Element initiations. Embracing your fire element is a very important part of your journey and keeping that flame balanced is vital. The Dragon is the inner aspect representing the ability to move forward with power, with courage and wisdom, with knowledge and pure intention, and bring into physical being that which you desire. You will be accessing Universes eight through to eighty-eight during the totality of the August activations from the 6th to the 22nd of August 2008. Anybody working with this energy after that particular window period will still access certain energies, but not the exact blueprint that is being presented at this time, because a new blueprint will have developed.


This is where you are going to step into a greater awareness of what your life force is and what it means to be motivated by the element of fire, anger is brought into balance, passion is brought into balance and those who do not set their boundaries, those who do not express their anger will find themselves having to face that. Those who are overly angry, those who find themselves reacting to everything most of the time; that will have to be tempered, brought into balance, so you could imagine the first activation being a lesson in moderation. Understanding your own temperament is vital - do you react, behave and believe in what you do because of external forces pushing you, pulling you and influencing what it is you want or don't want? This is something all children are dealing with all the time, children are at the receiving end of the instruction of the adult world, which is not necessarily an instruction of wisdom or of truth.


With the thirty-one thousand "new children" there will be thirty-one thousand females, and thirty-one thousand males, who in their light body will stand on either side of these children and serve as their guardians as they walk through the dimensional portals into the power of their authentic self, and help them bring this energy back into the root of their heart chakra and all chakras beneath it and above it to anchors this sacred plan. This new plan coming forth is one that is linked to the Ruby Red Ray. The Ruby Red Ray is held by Master El Morya, however, at this particular time this Ruby Red Ray will be held by Lord Buddha, Archangel Michael and Master Jesus. These three beings will ensure that this Ruby Red blueprint, is securely rooted within the heart chakra, securely rooted within the base chakra and on Mother Earth's body, and link it to the thirty-one thousand children and the sixty-two thousand adult guardians. What this does is create a collective grid which brings the heart and base chakras into a level of balance where both can communicate wisely, truthfully and with pure intention. This creates a planetary Tantric Tube through which this golden energy will flow.


Therefore, between Namibia, Windhoek specifically, and Hanoi, this Tantric Tube will first be erected and the energy will flow. There will be other energies transported from those points to bodies of water in both locations. These bodies of water will absorb the energy and filter it out into the emotional body, first of the thirty-one thousand children and then the sixty-two thousand adult guardians. Once that has been activated, it can absorbed into the planetary emotional body, and only then will it be fed into the emotional bodies of the rest of the population of your planet, regardless of whether they are receptive to it or not.


This will create a new frequency within the consciousness of the crystals of water specifically. The waters of your planet will hold this consciousness, which is where the wounded and wild self will merge within your emotional body, therefore be aware of how your emotional body processes that which you will experience, so giving your body vast amounts of liquid will be important during this time.


The Lion Heart is a vibration which Lord Ra, Horus and Thoth are fine tuning and there will be a series of recalibrations that will take place every one hundred and sixteen hours for the next eight months. This recalibration is vital to ensure that the voice of the authentic self is expressed through this new heart portal, which we call the heart chakra of the authentic self. It can only be activated through the heart of a child, for it is that one must become like a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and in order for you to enter your own Kingdom of Heaven within, you need to be able to be in touch and understand the child within, become that child within. Then your authentic can stand fully empowered fearlessly, unconditional and strong, guiding you all the way, and who better to trust than your most empowered self, the part of you that knows absolutely everything about you and cannot ever let you down. The authentic self will ensure that you grasp the knowledge you need right now and will help you discern what are true wounds and what is simply a strength lurking within the shadow you have come to mistakenly believe is a wound. Thus the authentic self pulls these powers into your light, by that I mean into the conscious mind so that you can implement it and use it.


The children I speak of are located all over the world, however there will be a group of them who will travel physically to Vietnam and Cambodia during this time. These children are the physical anchors and key activators of this new level of awareness and ability to love self and life. The adults accompanying the children in the physical will be the ones who draw the light in through their bodies to serve as guardians and protectors of these children. These children will reveal to the adults accompanying them how important is to be centred within the heart and the miracles that authenticity can manifest.


Being in your truth, speaking your truth, honouring the truth and the awe that lies within the eyes, the mind and the heart of the child is what will bring about an immense amount of healing.  On the 8th of August 2008, there will be eight hundred and eighty-eight female beings of the light and eight hundred and eighty-eight male beings of the light, whose energies create a powerful system which will allow the consciousness of humanity to draw within being another level of their abundance in relation to their creativity, bearing in mind that creativity is an unlimited world full of potential. It is also upon that day that the Sun Chakra integrate another level of its geometry, drawing in patterns of light and sacred technology through Universes eight to eighty-eight which will be absorbed into the DNA and cells of the body and this divine print. This sacred fluid tapestry becomes a mechanism from which you can access information.  


So pay attention to the inner child aspect of yourself. The way that you will do this is by paying attention to your own reactions, your feelings and emotions. Give your authentic self space to show you what is a true wound and what isn't and bear in mind that the wounded healer is no longer the one from which you will receive your support, it all comes now from the authentic healer.  


From this moment forward, and for the rest of your days, you will be operating from a very different level of awareness, your ability to draw information from the super conscious is going to increase immensely and the way it filters into the unconscious, subconscious and into the conscious mind will be very quick, you may find yourself at times wondering where the information has come, where the knowing has come from, it is simply because you are accessing it a lot easier. Allow the free flow of energy to move between your heart and base, between Earth and Heaven, for Heaven is held within your heart. Look at the children of your world, look into their eyes, look into their soul, look into their spirit and allow them to counsel you, because many times the authentic healer is in the form of a child.  


This is a time of learning valuable lessons, a time where the water bodies of your planet must undergo this alchemical change in order to bring humanity into the understanding that love, emotions and truth is what will keep your earth growing, moving and ascending. This is the time for the adult world to learn from the world of little people, their bodies might not be that of an adult, but their mind, spirit, and inner cognisance is finely attuned so pay attention. Rejoice in knowing that this first initiation is showing you the power of the wisdom of the Masters through the power of the wisdom of the children, for they are masters, masters of truth, they have generally not been exposed to the level that adult humans have when it comes to extreme manipulation, deliberate deceit and deception.  


Between the time of the 9th of August and the 14th of August 2008, it will be a time of integrating and digesting everything that has been brought forth from the 6th to the 8th of August. During that time you may find that your body is extremely sensitive, your mind very sharp, pay attention, listen and be gentle. Enjoy this time of familiarising yourself with the authentic self, understanding the difference between the wounded healer and the authentic healer. During this time understand that the energies that come from the geographic locations we speak of are energies blessing your world with the opportunity to understand the grander instruction which comes through the great orchestra of life. Each directive that comes through your truth is one that you can trust in it's totality, look at the source and know that it speaks a language your heart understands, one that does not buy into any of the manipulations of the lower ego, it is raw, it is straightforward, it is wild, sometimes wacky, and above all it is pure authenticity, nothing more, nothing less, what you see is what you get.


As the life force inside of you increases you will find that your golden consciousness; your golden awareness increases, and that is how the life force inside of you strengthens bringing more balance and greater understanding.  


Surrender, trust and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the true you that is, and always was, is ever present, you will get to know a lot more about this part of yourself in the not too distant future. All of this is preparing you for that which shall come post 2012, not that your world is going to end, please do not think along those streams, it is the consciousness, awareness and ability to create beyond 2012 which is your main priority.  May the light of that truth be with you in all your thoughts, your decisions, whatever action you may take and whatever words you speak, and may you be at peace knowing that who you are and where you are going is perfect, and you are the change. Let us celebrate the children of your planet, celebrate the inner child inside of you who once was and who is still buried beneath many of the perceptions and projections of the old paradigm, but certainly surfacing a lot quicker than you realise. May peace, harmony, healing and happiness be one with you.


I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love.  Adonai.


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