Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Laying a Foundation

Lay a Foundation for the Building
Of a New World of Light

By Choice we serve the ones
Who create a Way for a Brighter Future
With Love as the Source of Creation
We recognize this Source in ourselves
And Let it guide us with Devotion
to the Souls of all who are in the Network of Light

Across the Universe a Bridge is built
From the the Heart of the Highest To Our Heart
We see that all of the Builders
Are Children of the New Dawn
Working for the God in all
Working as One

As we attune ourselves
To the New frequency, the New Way of Peace
We Plant the Seeds in the Souls garden
to blossom in the Sacred soil
Into the One Flower we can all Hold and enjoy

Come Come and Behold the Beauty that you are
Let go of Fear and Despair
And Believe in the New Disciples of Peace
That work in the Light with Love
For the Good of all who are one

Recognize the Light that you are
And Shine that Radiance out for all to see
Recognize the Love that can heal the World
And Let it speak to you and Guide you on

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