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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Let peace be with you

Let peace be with you in your Mind
Let peace be with you now
The Light that Joins us all as One
Brings us together so we may know How
Humankind has Many ways
To lead us to the Light

Deep inside we all are one
And there’s no need for strife

Let Love be with you in your Heart
Let Love be you closest Guide
The Love that lives in Everyone
Is our greatest Part

If we see with the Eyes of the Soul
If we can meet in the same space

Where Love and Peace can lead us
To see the truth in each face

Let peace teach how to be at one
With the way we all can live

Let love guide us to end the fight
And find what is alright

While we all are here on earth
Love will do its part

And peace can reign inside us
when we find it in our hearts

All of us can be at Peace
This is our greatest gift
Next time we have to make a choice
Ask how love would live

Let peace come deep inside you’
and let it find a way to be

Peace and Love will guide us
til we all live in harmony

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