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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

"It is possible to create a more just society, through working out of just perceptions. This can only be obtained by a profound knowledge of philosophical and aesthetic precepts."

- Dr. Runhild Roeder

Often favouring just black and white acrylic, Roder constructs her compositions from lines, sometimes constituting just a few sharp pokes across the canvas as in Bredabaan - a street name in Antwerp - or at other times, as in the beautiful work titled, Jesus Just Left, lines accrue to form dense scaffolding possessed of almost physical weight. These are not paintings that try to please in an instant; rather, Roder's visual poetry has a life of its own, allowing the viewer to ignore its virtues or come to the works on their own terms.

Dr. Runhild Roeder is an evolutionist. She is world reknown academic philosopher and a formidable avantagarde cobra expressionist artist.. She is` director and owner of Galerie Etre, Quebec, Canada.

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