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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The film Forrest Gump immortalized the phrase ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’, it has been my experience recently to find surprising similarity in ‘Life is like baking fresh bread’!

Since living without food I have become very tuned in with the understanding of the body’s cellular frequency through the energetic communication of my body. This is particularly the case in coming back to taking any outside sustenance now in the form of food. My body will communicate very clearly if anything I try is low frequency or ‘dead’ i.e. 0Hz food and these are eliminated. This brought me back to basics and it was healthier to just create and cook everything myself, using ‘conscious’ ingredients (no pesticides, preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring) and I rediscovered baking bread.

It seems like a lifetime ago when I was training as a chef and making bread was a long, drawn out, time consuming process. Thankfully the process is much quicker now (I use the Artisan bread in five minutes a day method) and it has become something I really look forward to doing. So what makes this process like life?

First let me share with you what I experience in making the bread, it is almost like going into suspended animation, everything dissolves away and all that is present is the ingredients and me. It is a true ‘creation’ process, all these elements of ingredients singularly their own entities, the flour, the yeast, the salt, the sugar and yet when connected, when they are joined together create the evolution of bread dough ready to be baked.

I hadn’t set out to have quite such an ‘experience’ making bread, I had perceived I would throw everything together and stuff it into the oven. I had forgotten the living part of these ingredients and mixing the yeast, leaving it to activate and coming back to see it trying to creep out of the top of the jug was a sight in itself!

When I mixed the flour and salt, I was completely struck by the silky smooth feel of the flour,the beautiful ‘noiselessness’ of how it dropped back with its fellow grains, almost like walking in snow. The mixing of the yeast and flour to form the dough that brought everything together in the oneness of the process.

The kneading is probably one of the most enjoyable parts; have to limit myself in doing this to prevent kneading the poor dough to death! The dough is soft and smooth, skating on a layer of fine white flour, it allows itself to be folded, turned and stretched in this silent dance that has us connected in the very moment. Then left in appreciation the dough lives and breathes until it has doubled in size, once baked its full glory comes in the experience of eating.
From this experience came the awareness that with all the same ingredients, the same processes of preparation, kneading and proving time, the baked bread always came out differently, not two loaves ever come out the same.

How often do we set out on a path or the false perception of setting ‘goals’, putting all the same elements in place as others have done, only to find out outcome completely different or nowhere near the goal?


How often do societies set in place a conveyor belt of conditioning, to churn out populations in submission and control and the evolution of entrepreneurship emerges?


Isn’t it just like life, when we all come into this world the same, the same molecules, atoms and DNA (I do mean the same, the science of epegenetics has verified this) and for the majority follow the mainstream social standards and education, yet not any two people turn out the same?


Then I remembered that our ‘soul’ purpose is in experiencing the journey here. Each and every person is unique, heck everything is unique! It doesn’t matter how many people become doctors, lawyers, bus drivers or entrepreneurs in the same field of business, everyone will have unique life experiences.


Why? Well, we now know the Darwinian Theory is a misperception and in fact your cells are taking their signal from your beliefs, your external world is a energetically transmuted reflection of your place of belief. You are not the product of your external environment; it is the product of YOU and just like baking a loaf of bread, it is not about the perfection of the final result, it is all about the experience.

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