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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

last Night Santana Played on Maui,
It was pure Magic!! everyone was lifted up and felt the energy of love!
wrote this for that

Listen, Listen to the sound of Life
And the joy that in the awakening
And if you can silence your mind you’ll find
You’ll hear the clouds as they reflect the earth’s light
And there is even sound that the sun does bring.

A symphony of magic plays across the morning sky
And you can hear the heartbeat of the human race,
There is a rhythm of creations dance
With the Breath of Spirit that feeds this place .

Listen, Listen to the sounds of Life
And the waters that wash this planet clean
Across to the shores of infinity
You are carried by the currents of a life redeemed

Can you hear the soul’s cry as it reaches out to you
Does it touch you and move you and reverberate
To the heartstrings through all that you do?

And the song of life can be your anthem,
that can resonate to your spirits rays
And the world can join together in song
And learn to sing as one.

And the whales have a song they sing
And the birds have their own call
And the planet has a sound that’s heard
By the one’s who records us from a distant hall.

And throughout the universe there is music,
Some call it the music of the spheres,
And some part of our deepest heart is touched
And listens to the song of life to hear.

So listen, listen to the sound of life
Cam you hear of the love it sings
Can you be lifted up to heaven
And be blessed by the magic it brings.

For the stars throughout the sky do call
And the forest sings with the winds sweet mysteries
And the lovers throughout all time have their songs to recall
And clouds colors have such harmony.

So listen, listen to the sound of life
it’s the sound of love that creation brings
let it lift you up to the source that is listening as you sing.

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