Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


Glimpses of God’s glory


While walking through this life

We are given glimpses of God’s glory.

Given glimpses so that we may be inspired

To share our lives with the Love

That is at the heart of God’s life force.

                May we have the strength to be able to share our lives

And all the many challenges we are given

And still be able to Live

                As a reflection of the Presence of God

Right where we are in each moment.


To find the Glory in just being here

To see God alive in all that is real that we share.

To see the world as a place that is looking for

So many solutions that call for

all the wisdom and peace of Mind,

That needs this love

To be present in our life’s.


Honor the people in your life.

Forgive those who have caused you pain.

And hold on to the Love

That gives you the power to do this.

Pray for the World,

Pray for compassion and kindness

And the will to find the way

To love as you have been shown

Through Christ

                 To Love with God’s Love

                 and so be Blessed with the

                 glimpses of God’s glory.

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