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Living Without Food – My Personal Story Part 2




















In part 1, I shared how through my personal internal work and evolvement, any craving for food had gone and the loss of all hunger. In trusting my intuition, I was more intrigued then alarmed, as to why this was happening and understood it was part of the journey, a new experience.

In researching this hundreds of cases showed up of people living without food and some living without food or drink. I let go of the conditioning and surrendered to it, however it was not until creating my own very active meditation programme, that the realisation came – in 5 months of not eating there had not been any weight loss.

In doing some very deep internal work, through my meditation process, to release negative charges in my cellular memories, in 3 weeks I lost 2 clothes sizes. With deep contemplation on this, understanding and clarity came, that weight had nothing to do with food, weight is all emotion. Indeed, the conditioning fed by society around illness is also the same. Illness is all emotion, the physical manifestation of resistance in the body.

Residual negative charges in memories, get held in and around the cells, this in turn causes blockages which affect the nervous system functioning efficiently, and subsequently the body functions. When left unchecked or unresolved, build to create a physical manifestation of resistance as forms of dis-ease, weight problems, joint/bone problems etc, all reflective of a person’s place of belief in themselves.

Through the science and research in the field of Epigenetics, we know our cells take their signal from our beliefs. Governments and controlling bodies have, over millennia created sub conscious fear based conditioning within it’s societies, which has become held, in and around the cells and is the ‘default’ within our internal environment, until conscious change is made to it.

This conditioning at cellular level, gets passed from mother to child, generation after generation (observed is similar personality, health and lifestyle traits appearing through generations) until every individual takes a stand to clear out the negative charge within their cellular memories.

What has also been established is that cells given a positive environment will naturally restore to pure health, Dr Bruce Lipton, did much of his research and trials in this area and it has established that cellular frequency is the centre of how cells operate.
Other research has identified that water imprints memory and as mentioned in part 1, the human body is 70% water, much within the blood culture.

So our memories are not just in our minds, they are held within the body as a whole entity.

In the field of sacred geometry and the verified mathematical calculations within this, it is more evident then ever before, how everything is connected /interconnected from quantum to universal levels. When we realize that negative memories create a stronger residual imprint at cellular level, it gives a whole new meaning to ‘carrying a lot of baggage’!


When there are negative charges attached at cellular level, it lowers the body frequency, affecting the efficiency of the body functions. Your emotions correlate directly with this, so stress, anxiety, anger, fear, depression are all low frequency, whereas expectation, creativity, confidence, happiness, love are all higher frequency.
It was in devotedly doing my meditation every day and allowing myself the space to drill down and identify the negative charges held in my memories, accepting, acknowledging and finally releasing them, that my body functions began to work efficiently…for the first time in my life, as my body frequency began to rise.

Given the right environment i.e. high frequency/lighter density, the cells in the body will sustain themselves and restore to pure and natural health. When cellular frequency is lowered, they will seek external sources of sustenance e.g. food. It has been through my own very practical experience of this, that allows me to know this is fact.

It is a fact that governments do their best to cover up, as this is the ultimate self power. The insidious way the governments do this is through the food, education and health industries. We are indoctrinated with how essential it is to have food, to maintain health, food that the governments have genetically modified to ensure it keeps the cellular frequency lower. Modified in such a way it is actually causing illness, which then sends people to the health industry for treatment and are prescribed medicines that compromise the immune system, stop the pineal gland functioning (our access to conscious awareness), sending people into cycles of ill health and even the onset of cancer (cancer is 42Hz, whereas a health body is 83Hz+). All while populations are given these smoke and mirrors, they maintain the ‘default’ sub conscious fear based conditioning and so the cycle continues…

Since my experience with not eating food, it has allowed me to let go of the conditioning and fear, I can happily not eat when I maintain my level of meditation and conversely, at times I cannot do my meditation I can happily eat when my body indicates it is required.

What has also become apparent is that as our cellular frequency gets higher, we open up further natural abilities, it is like tuning into a new radio frequency and accessing new radio stations. Higher frequency is the door to infinite possibilities, for instance it allows us to access natural psychic abilities, again which I have had personal, practical experience of and that will need an article all of its own…!

Again, it is important to add here, that the body cannot exist on nothing…that is, the body must maintain a certain cellular frequency level to restore itself to pure and natural health, if it does not receive it internally, it will seek it externally through food.


Details of my meditation programme

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