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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Love Everybody, Divine Mirrors & Beyond Barriers to Oneness

Love Everybody, Divine Mirrors, & Beyond Boundaries to Oneness

Derek Stone: Everyone is Beautiful, Everyone is Loveable, Everyone has Self-worth, Everyone came from Love and Everyone is Love. It doesn't matter what Colour you are, what Religion you believe, whether you are fat, thin, tall, short or even striped, etc. Nobody is better than anybody else as we are all One; we are all Love. Love Everybody

We are created to love and be loved. Mother Teresa
Unity Walker: We are created AS love

Michael Milner: The outer world is a reflection of the inner world, faithfully mirroring your inner state. All outer spiritual forms, experiences, gurus, masters & teachers, no matter how powerful & compelling, merely reflect as a mirror your own true Divine Nature.

Gregg Winston: Where is the boundary between the "inner world," and the "outer world?" Are there two worlds?</</i>b>

Michael Milner:
No boundary exists.There is actually no "inner" or "outer". It's really all ONE. What is felt & experienced in consciousness is reflected in so-called "outer" manifestations. Words & concepts always fall short... they just point the way. Never msitake the finger for the moon. Hahaha

Unity Walker ~♥~ Words ABOUT God are poor substitutes for the actual EXPERIENCE of God as my Within and my Without, my Everywhere At Once. As I let go of words I can experience free floating in LOVE. ~~ In stillness and in silence, I can experience God as True Self, one of the Many As ONE. LOVE Itself is now known to me as the matrix of All I AM. ~♥~ OM ~♥~

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