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Love is Intelligence : Spiritual Eco Ego


we say the opposite of Love is hatred, however, I must say that is not so. the opposite of love is ignorant ( and ignoring ). in fact, anger and hatred would motivate us some actions but ignorant keep us lazy and careless. anger and hatred which come from our feelings of care but ignorant, on the other hand, is not to care, or simply ... not to know ... or even ignore ... negligence.

in English, there are the words, Smart, Wise, and Intelligent, which are about being smart. smart means simply smart who knows so much. wise means being smart yet also the knowledge is experienced. and intelligence is smart yet the knowledge still learns and develops. if we are smart but the knowledge is not being used then that is the same as a library where so many books and which bunch of papers stored.

opposite of ignoring is attention. the fact that there are so many crimes in our societies is due to the lack of attention to children. love is not, of course, about giving materials, but no matter how busy parents are, we can give attention to children. a long time ago, children grew up in bigger families, in villages and tribes where children had received attention from. but now the environment, circumstances and families for our children are becoming smaller where the attention seem not much available to children. when attention is present, we think and grow, to give and to be given attention both grow. ( you know or hear that a flower that grows better if given attention. )

intelligence, itself, learns and grows, and develops.
all the living beings on this planet are to develop,
and that is intelligence ... and that is God.

in our history, God has been understood as if a being who exists as a person in a different place. and many religions have been teaching the god they teach & worship is the God. and through the teaching of their gods, the true power within us as if do not exist. gods first we later, and sacrifice and wars.

and medicines, manufactured medicines, we throw into our system when we get sick. so many vaccines since we were born as babies. we have been parted further and further from our true intelligence within a body since we were born. first I would like to say we to stop taking and relying on manufactured medicines. there has been so so so many animals sacrifice their lives ! and then we intake the products into our body mechanism, and our bodies learn to balance the body mechanism through the demand of the foreign objects. as we repeat, our true vital become weakened, the body can not maintain the health on its own, ... so that we take more medicines and which more animals have to be sacrificed. ... vitality ( ki, qi, chi, prana ... ) is the antenna to God. it is natural, the nature, that we get sick when the vitality lose the ability to connect to the source. when we are sick and that benefit and profit the pharmaceutical manufacturers, however, where their profits benefit ? ... the medicine that we intake that comes out as urine, and that we throw away as expired, go into and comes back as water that is not only polluting us humans but all the living beings on this planet. ... you might wish to say " but there are the children who are saved by the vaccines " which might be true, but the fact is not the medicines that they need, what they and we all truly need is nutrition. and our modern society there are many many children who become autism due to the vaccine, the suppression of the true intelligence, disconnection from the source.

intelligence is love, intelligence is God,
God is love,
love is God,
and love is unconditional
unconditional love, and that is universal love

love is not blind but awareness. awareness that gives the attention. so the fact that we observe, and that is where worry and anger also emerge. that is why it sometimes is so hard to live in this world. so do not (self) criticize negative emotions, but recognize that there is love hidden within the negative emotions.

by The Law of Attraction we hear, we wonder if those children who are abused and in hunger are the consequence of their own negative behavior or karma. however, we exist within the soul we choose and the soul is not what we truly are. the soul has its own purpose. the soul exist in this Free-Will dimension. free-will won't be achieved without ego. even monks live with their own ego to be monks. so nurture our ego within love instead of condemning or trying to get rid of. through the eye of the universe, there is no good or bad, no judgment. everything is good ( and within chaos and order ), that is why The Law of Attraction brings more happiness to happiness, and unhappiness to more unhappiness. because, within the unconditional love, the universe says YES to everything.

everything, however, has Yin Yang within, that our lives can easily be shifted by what angle we observe from. and as we are not souls, what we truly are is the spirit, the light, or ki / qi or consciousness that who does not have a physical body, so that sorrow and joy are both wonderful experience. if we are up there, we are in love all the time, wouldn't you wonder how it could be like to feel pain if you were in joy all the time ? especially, scientists say the universe is made of laughing gas :))) ... so embrace the pain & sorrow, that is treasure ! and appreciate it ! ... appreciation I hear is the same vibration as love, therefore, you will get out of the pain after all :) and do not be afraid of emotions. we are the beings who love to develop so no matter how happy we can get, we always hit the wall because it is our nature to want more, to be more & greater, and that is what we simply are, the intelligence ! and that is contributing the expansion of the universe ! ... however, if we do not wish to accept the world with the children in pain and hunger, then we just must focus ... be giving our attention to how we like our world to be and what we can do for that, instead of just condemning. ... the Law of Attraction is actually attention rather then attraction, as the unconditional love simply gives attention ( yes ) to what we give attention to.

we the light become " I , me " by the soul we choose in this world and that we are also here to heal the soul and that we enjoy as the spiritual journey in this physical world. and through this physical body that we manifested, we enjoy this beautiful sensuality called five senses. of course, existing in this three dimensional world with a body is not so simple sometimes :) however, five senses might sound limiting but it is a very enriching experience, indeed.

we exist within
such . U N C O N D I T I O N A L . L O V E
experiencing the intelligence = God
we exist and live is the Art
God = the intelligence
is expressing ITS ART through & with us
W E . a r e . t h e . C R E A T O R S . & . C R E A T I O N S

E N J O Y . Y O U R . S O U L . J O U R N E Y

just relax & trust our intelligence,
and look forward to how our intelligence handle our world.

may true health, wealth & intelligence be back to Earth,
and we will all live happily & longer ever after ...

when you think of Earth first
you will meet the sweetest you
within your heart
- -

all right reserved & deserved


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