Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I Believe that negative presences/forces do exist but they are weaker than the positive ones.

Occultism might let tables fly in a room but love can move mountains.

Negative forces are weaker than love and try to possess few people.......

We are here in the name of love to demostrate that love can "possess" the whole world.

Another reflection : why the Mayan prophecy didn't come true?

Devil tried to defeat mankind but mankind was saved by love.

compassion on bad actions men do.

Another particularity. in English language S stands for plural (pluralism) goodness, oneness and also for third person (the devil undefined selfishness) in substitution of the holy spirit ..........or in the behalf of it.

Me (mankind) God (you) and the holy spirit (third person)

devil try to insidiate the third person to possess the first. Love is the force of God that feels compassion (love for all three figures me you and the holy spirit)

Possession is weaker than power that is weaker than success that is weaker than progress.

Progress is the 4th dimension, something which goes bejond the primitive spirit of internal competition towards similar specymen, something which goes bejond power over weaker animals.

"interacial competition" represents power = wrong = first person = selfishness

"power on other animals" = wrong = second person = antiGod ..............and for duality God = right

the third dimension is success for consensum created by meritocracy = not enough wrong not enough right

the fourth dimension is compassion.........a force which is able to rotate roles in a wheel shape and no more ina pyramidal society........a force which is able to shift 90 degrees on the axis of human coordinates......

shifting 90 degrees means that there will be a day in which no-one will reign over other's shoulders

cohesion forces will keep together the wheel with in the center the weakest and in the extremities the most resiliant ones........

For scienctist people: electromagnetical force is ortogonal to electric field which is ortogonal to magnetic field.......this is the trinity.........the forth dimension is deformation of space and another ortogonal shift.......

the vertical wheel becomes the horizontal one with all it's Wan Der Walls forces to keep it together.......unity harmony......

and again frooze in water make water become solid ..... heat makes become water airy (holy spirit)

God = fresh water which soakes everything

Devil = frost = lack of energy, lower energy ( expands and breaks tubes)  

we believe in all of theese we are the architects.








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