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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

love without materialization - writing a book collecting online pieces

first of all when you are ready to fall in love it means primarily you love the world.....

you are able to tear bad things apart and progress by sharing good content (once you have shared your sorrow and asked for help)

help won't come but the fact you talked about your sorrows gives you strenght.

falling in love: you don't expect anything back neither you change her attentions with your care.

send your love through the picture of a beautiful face......

don't be afraid if the world seems not to understand or follow you. An overwhelming eye ios always on you.....

you spend your love with yourself and hold it with you. don't sell it to the wrong person . until it exploses and becomes too hot to handel for a face which gets old together with you someone you know she'll be always there only for you a beautiful dream.

don't look for success . love is not fast food.......

collecting our good thoughts could be an idea to publish a book  


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