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Meditation: Giving Yourself to This Moment

"The greatest fulfillment
you can have in any moment
is to give yourself fully to it.

Whatever you are doing in this moment,
give your complete attention to it,
without looking for something in return.

Just that giving is meditation.

Just typing on the computer:
can you give your attention
fully to the typing.

It is not a focusing
but a surrendering of your full attention
to what is happening.

Because then you see
it is a happening.

You are not typing,
typing is happening.

There is no room for 'you' in it.

There is just the action of typing,
just the movement of energy
that is typing.

That is freedom.
Complete freedom from yourself.

But if you are typing and
focusing on finishing or
focusing on what you would
rather be doing,
then there is conflict.

You are not really here
and you are not really
somewhere else.
It is a feeling of disharmony.
It's resistance to life in this moment.

But if you really give yourself
to whatever is happening in this moment,
again it is not a focusing
but a surrendering of your full attention
to this moment,
then you are fulfilled.

You are happy.
Because the idiot
that usually claims to be unhappy
is not there!

The one that is always trying
to solve their endless problems
and justifications
is not there.

When you give yourself
fully to this moment,
then there is just this moment.

Nothing can be said about it
that can pin it down.
It is free of everything.

It is completely empty;
and completely full
because of that emptiness.

So in this moment,
offer yourself fully to it
in full devotion.

Let this 'me"
be dissolved into this moment
so only this moment is left.

Then a whole new world opens up.
You free yourself from this little 'me'
and become everything.

Much love,


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