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Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening

"Turn your attention to consciousness.

Whatever arises,
allow it to arise
but keep your attention
resting in consciousness.

We pay far too much attention
to the noise of the mind
and not the consciousness
that is the essence of mind.

Consciousness is silent.
It is prior to noise.

By remaining in consciousness,
the silence of consciousness
begins to become louder,
it begins to take over the noise.

All noise seems to dissolve
into that silence.

When the energy of consciousness
is strong in you,
you no longer need to keep your attention
on consciousness.

you are pulled to surrender
into the silence, into the stillness.

It feels like a losing battle
to try and go against it.
And in losing the battle,
in full surrender to silence,
you find you are free from all suffering.

You are free from everything
when you are perfectly resting
in that silence
which is the same as resting in yourself.

Then you can really see how destructive
noise can be, the human noise;
the outer human noise we are bombarded with
and the busy-ness of thinking;
the over stimulation of noise to the point
where awareness is forgotten.

You can see how
you create your world with thinking
and how your involvement with thinking
can kick you again and again.

Something painful happens,
or might happen in the future
and the mind keeps repeating it
so you live it over and over.

And so you add more noise on top of it
to distract yourself from the hurt.
And it gets louder and louder,
busier and busier.
More imbalanced, more stressed.

You can see how humans
have gotten completely out of balance
with the natural world;
the silence that exists
so beautifully in the natural world.

The silence that is simply aware.

Turn your attention back into consciousness.
Don't let the noise of being involved with thoughts
dictate your experience.

Allow the thinking to be.
But come back to what is naturally here
prior to the noise
and reclaim the peace that is
the essence of all experience.

Much love,


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