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Meditation with Divine Mother: Imbuing Your Scepter of Power with the Energies of The Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai

Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School

Waves of Bliss & PTE Mystery School


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November 2012

Waves of Bliss & PTE Mystery School

November 2012 


We encourage everyone to spread Divine Mother's love and healing to all by distributing this meditation wherever you feel moved to do so. Take it as your responsibility to spread this Light to five other people as your personal act of service.

Dear Friends,

Happy Spiritual New Year! Happy Thanksgiving!

And Happy Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi’s Festival of Lights and the New Year for many around the world who honor Lakshmi and Diwali; on November 13th this year.

We have a wonderful meditation relevant to this most amazing time: Divine Mother offers us our Cosmic Scepters of Power to empower us to do more, be more and change our world – for the better – together, under her loving guidance and in the presence of many Deities.

This is a month to focus on the return of Abundance: the start of the Spiritual New year when much is celebrated in the Higher Realms and intentions for a spiritual year filled with success is set both in the Higher Realms and right her in 3D! Goddess Lakshmi, the Guardian and the Bestower of Abundance of both the Spiritual and worldly kinds is available to bring us her abundance and her grace. 


In October we completed the Navaratri Celebration- 16th to 24th Oct- and you may be feeling fresh and new after offering all karma to the sacred Fires of Navaratri which burned for a full 9 days while Divine Mother battled the forces of Darkness; while also transmuting all the darkness within our hearts and lives.

This is why from a few weeks before, to the end of Navaratri, all manners of mental, emotional and physical dross and life obstacles came to the surface to be released. Thank you to all who were serving by praying and attending the Navaratri Celebrations {..


Please remember to join us at the free Gateway Portal Channeling sessions on 11/11, which is a Star Gate Opening Gateway and perhaps the most important one so far this year. See below for details,


Looking forward to serving the light, together with you in the wonderful days ahead, with great love,




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Free Live 11/11/2012 Gateway Portal Channeling will be on Sunday November 11 at 3:00 PM ET.No registration is required. Please call:

1-213-342-3000access code 199512#.

NOTE: You can benefit from participating even after each event! The audio of  Gateway Portal Channelings will be posted within hours of each event. For audios and transcriptions of past Gateway Portal events, click here [or paste to url:]


As One We Can Make A Difference!

Portal Days in November:
 11/1/12, 11/2/12, 11/10/12, 11/11/12, 11/12/12, 11/18/12, 11/20/12, 11/21/12, 11/22/12, 11/23/12, 11/27/12, 11/29/12.

The Full Moon in November is on 11/28. New Moon is on 11/13, Lakshmi’s Festival of Diwali. 


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Imbuing Your Scepter of Power with the Energies of The Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine

Adapted from 10/10/12 Gateway Portal Day with Divine Mother 

 Grounding Exercise

 Visualize that you are standing on top of Uluru, a huge red rock in Central Australia. It is a very sacred site.

  • Feel the presence of Uluru and let yourself dissolve into the great red rock. Feel the pulse of Uluru pulse in sync with your heart beat.  Dissolve down into the Pillar of Light.
  • Slide down to the Core Crystal at the center of Mother Earth.
  • You are now standing before the Sacred Altar.  Amber Colored Life-Force Energy of Mother Earth is filling the Core Crystal.
  • Fill your body and our being and send it up the Antahkarana Cord, all the way up through the Thrones to the Pool of Creation, letting it expand out into the Pool of Creation.
  • Call the Amber Cosmic Life-Force Energy down, letting it cascade through the Pillar of Light, through the Antahkarana Cord all the way back down.
  • Take a deep breath as the Amber Colored Light from the Core of Mother Earth and from the Cosmic Source continues to move up and down.
  • Now we spin and spiral up through a Pillar of Light through the Thrones to the Throne of Absolute, Divine Mother’s Throne.

Visualize you are standing before the Sacred Altar.

  • See to your right Divine Mother – beaming Copper Gold Light.
  • To our left, Goddess of Victory – beaming Triple Lights of Lemon-Yellow, Platinum and Pewter.
  • Across from the Sacred Fire, Great Silent Watcher – beaming Turquoise Blue Light.
  • To our left beyond Goddess of Victory; Cosmic Mother of the Universe – beaming Vibrant Pink.
  • On our right beyond Divine Mother, Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos – beaming Amber Light.
  • Behind us the Three Omniversal Mothers.  First one – beaming Purple Colored Light, middle – Ice Blue Aqua Marine Blue Colored Light, and over your left shoulder – Clay Red with Gold.
  • Around this entire entourage 144,000 Silent Watchers, 10 Billion Angelic Watchers, all beaming Turquoise Blue Light.

Take a moment to make your offerings to both altars, set your personal and global intentions.


My beloved children of Light I AM your very own Divine Mother I hold you in my own heart.

Come to stand at the edge of the Sacred Fire at the circular Altar. The fire is jumping up and receiving you.  Divine Mother in her ceremonial robes is holding your right hand; Goddess Victory in her ceremonial robes is holding your left hand.  The entourage of Divine Feminine Beings are standing around us.  If you do not know them or heard their names, do not be concerned because they know you. You have been called to be present in their midst because they have willed it. You have earned the merits.

I offer you a cleansing and clearing with sacred ashes, which Goddess Victory will take from the Sacred Fire.  This fire is of high calibration of Light therefore it will not burn the hands.  She will pick up a handful of sacred ashes and hold it up under the Scepters of Power of all these Deities. They will pour the Liquid Light of their Signature Energy into Goddess Victory’s hand to moisten the sacred ashes and turn it into a paste.

Goddess Victory will begin to rub the paste to your physical body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.  I will help her by energizing you to absorb the Paste. Envision that you have the paste rubbed to your entire body and imagine that you lift up each leg and allow her to rub it on the bottom of your feet, to make sure every iota of your body is covered.

I shall hold my hands over each area after she rubs the paste to make sure that the energies are fully absorbed.  This paste will absorb and dissolve all karma and karmic entanglements, dross, sadness, grief or grooves from this lifetime and past lifetimes. Anything you may be carrying, which does not benefit or serve you, will be absorbed and dissolved by the sacred ashes; allowing you to purify yourself and to clear the grooves, the etches, the nicks and scratches from your Five Body System, from your Energy Bodies, from your Sacred Geometries- the energetic shapes within which your Five Body System is held.

Your Physical Body is a speck inside of those beautiful geometries, and rubbing of the ashes on your physical body purifies that speck in the center and illuminates those Sacred Geometries to the point where a profusion of Lights will shine from your Five Body System.  It illuminates the nooks and crannies that have become dim and restores the scrapes and scratches and nicks and tears.   As the time for entering into Fifth Dimensional Octave approaches, it becomes necessary for you to become intact, to let go of the dimness, for the scrapes and scratches to be removed, the Sacred Geometries to be restored. With your Sacred Geometries intact, you can travel in time and space to absorb the Fifth Dimensional Energies and to find the appropriate layer in the Fifth Dimension to receive nurturance, abundance and joy.

Becoming Fifth Dimensional does not mean you leave this planet and go somewhere else.  It means that your body remains Third Dimensional but you absorb the Fifth Dimensional Energies to a point where you manifest things faster.  Thoughts become things. You think of a thought, it happens that same day; not a year later, not 10 years later, not another lifetime later, right there and then when you need it to manifest. Things become manifest when you need them, people become manifest when you need them, places become manifest when you need them to become manifest.

When manifestation becomes faster, you become energetically Fifth Dimensional; your mind becomes Fifth Dimensional.  Then you- mentally- put focus on something and it becomes manifest exactly when you need it, not ten years later, not two months later, not even two days later,  but exactly when you need it: manifesting your home, your soul desires, love, harmonious relationships, peace and harmony.

Goddess Victory has completed this task of rubbing the paste on your body. And I have completed the task of laying hands on every area to fully charge the paste with the Energies of Divine Mother and to allow the paste to absorb and transmute the karma, dross, stagnancy, dimness; to then heal the scrapes and scratches and the nicks and the tears and restore the Sacred Geometries in your entire Five Body System. (Your Five Body System consists of your Physical Body, your Etheric Body, your Emotional Body, your Mental Body and your Spiritual Body).  The connection between the Five Body System and the Physical Body is fully in place.

Now, the next layer is your Light Body.  The Light Body is your Vehicle of Light.  In order to draw from Fifth Dimensional Energies, you need to illuminate your Light Body. Goddess Victory stands to your left and your Divine Mother stands to your right. We start beaming our Signature Energies while all the Feminine residing Deities hold their Scepters of Light and pour their own Signature Energy; Vibrant Pink of Mother of Universe, Amber Light of Mother of Cosmos, Turquoise Light of Great Silent Watcher, Purple, Aqua Marine Blue and Clay Red with Gold of the three Omniversal Mothers, pours down to you. This is all magnified by the presence of the Angelic Watchers and Silent Watchers who step down the Energies in order to be absorbed into your Light Body, your Five Body System, your physical body.

The next gift I want to bestow upon you is, I want to give you your Scepter of Power that is imbued with the Energies of Victory, Mother of Universe, Mother of Cosmos, Great Silent Watcher and Three Omniversal Mothers.

What is the significance of Scepter of Power from this Council of Divine Feminine?  It supersedes all Scepters.  Each of you have a Personal Scepter of Power which is the emblem, the accumulation, the encapsulation of your Power, your Soul Power, your Power to serve, your Power to do good, your Power to change this world.  Each of you also has a Planetary Scepter of Power, the Residing Deity for the planet, Sanat Kumara, bestows that upon you and your soul so that your Divine Purpose can be served.  Then there is a third Scepter that is given to you by the head of the Galaxy; which means that you are a member of this entire Galaxy, billions of star systems inside our own Galaxy called the Milky Way.  Then there is a Universal Scepter of Power which is what constitutes the entire Universe, billions of planetary bodies and galaxies inside of the Universe.

What I give you is the Scepter of Power that supersedes all these, because this is your Cosmic Scepter of Power and it is bestowed upon you by this Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine.  Every one of the residing Deities are holding their Scepters up.  Goddess Victory and I are beaming Light to you.

The Angelic Beings are going to come forward; they have a robe and a cape for you.  They will place the robe upon your body and it will be illuminated according to color of your Ray, the color of the Light that you have come to serve on.  Everyone has come to earth on a specific Ray and a specific Light.  There are Seven Rays and there are Seven Lights.  Each of the Seven Rays falls into the energy of one of the Lights; the Seven Lights are higher than the Seven Rays.  See your own robe in the color that signifies your Ray.

Goddess Victory presents you with your Scepter of Power, the one that Victory, Divine Mother, Mother of Universe, Mother of Cosmos, Three Omniversal Mothers, and Great Silent Watcher have charged for you.  Take this Scepter in both hands.  It has a long rod illuminated with Golden Light and a Golden Sphere, an ornate sphere that sits on top of the long rod. You might see your sphere change shape and color over time. This signifies your own growth and evolution into mastery as you continue to use your Scepter and earn higher merits.

Hold the long rod of your Scepter with both hands. Raise both arms above your head so that the end point of the rod is directly over your Crown Chakra. It sits at the center of your Crown inside the Thousand -Petal Lotus Flower of your Crown Chakra- which is usually in a closed bud.  As you begin to awaken spiritually and walk the Path of Enlightenment, this Lotus Flower- Lotus is symbol of spirituality- starts to open up.

Imagine that every one of the Beings now holds their Scepters of Power up above their heads.  The top  of their Scepters is touching the top of the Sphere of your Scepter.  Mother of  Universe is sending Vibrant Pink, Mother of Cosmos sending Amber, Great Silent Watcher sending Turquoise Blue, Goddess Victory sending her Triple Light of Platinum, Pewter, Lemon-Gold, I, your very own Divine Mother sends my Copper Gold, the Three Omniversal Mothers send Purple, Aqua Blue and Clay Red with Gold.  The Angelic Watchers are magnifying everything that you are receiving.

Your entire Scepter is humming and vibrating.  You feel the vibration as a rhythmic pulse.  This is the activation of your Cosmic Scepter of Power done with the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine. Breathe and Bathe in the Energies as you Pause to fully receive and be activated.

The significance of this Scepter of Power:   It supersedes every Power tool and object you have received before.  It gives you the Power to ask for the Truth to return; ask for Pure Energies of Abundance to return to earth and to each of you and your loved ones. It gives you the will to request, command and demand that you serve your Divine Mission, that the higher path of service opens up to you, and that the members of this Divine Council continue to magnify and apply their own Signature Energy to make you successful in all your endeavors in service to the Light.

Whatever benefits your Soul and your life will be magnified when you ask by holding your Scepter above your head and aligning yourself with the members of this Council. You are accepting the honor and the responsibility of becoming a member of this Council and serving your own soul, your own Divine Mission.

In the presence of your Cosmic Scepter of Power, you have the right to ask for your Divine Power, Divine Love, Success in the world and Divine Service.  If you ask for something that causes harm to someone else or for something that may not be beneficial for you, it becomes inactive; it won’t do anything; because the purpose of this Scepter is to do good.  It has full consciousness of knowing what is good and what is not good.  It also knows when you ask for something that is not in your highest interest; it will replace it with something better that will be in your highest interest.  It is in your best interest to ask through your Scepter, that is the only condition there is, for when you ask, you do receive!

Do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night: Envision yourself inside this Grid with all deities presents, hold up your Scepter, call for the activation of your Scepter and say,

“In the name of Divine Mother and the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine I command and demand the return of pure energies of truth and love, the accomplishment of my Divine purpose, accomplishing what I have come to Earth to accomplish in service to my soul, my Soul Lineage and for Earth and Human Kind. I command and demand accomplishment of what is in alignment with the highest Divine purpose for all humankind, for the planet, for all souls, for all species.  I command and demand the release of pollution from Earth, I command and demand the release of corruption from earth; I command and demand the return of purity, innocence, truth, hope, joy, surrender, love, unconditional love, nurturance, health, and wholeness. I command and demand the return of health and wholeness, I command and demand the return of rejuvenation, restoration of health and wholeness in my eyes, nose, skin, hair, lungs, heart, arteries, all organs and muscles, cell structure,  DNA structure; my mind, my emotions.

I command and demand the restoration of Perfection within my Five Body System.  I command and demand the illumination of my Light Body; my ability to retrieve Fifth Dimensional Light, Life-force: bring it into the Third Dimension and manifest the highest potential to do Good.  I command and demand the Five Elements to return to Perfection and release untruth and corruption from their substance.  I command and demand the return of Abundance to those who serve the Light and goodness, those who stand in their Truth, those who walk the path of Enlightenment and seek the accomplishment of their Divine Service.”

If you don’t like to use “Command and Demand”, then replace the words command and Demand with I Request; hold your Scepter up and  start by saying,

“I request the illumination of my Scepter, I request my Divine Powers, I request the ability to do my Divine Mission, I request my personality aspects and my soul to be in communion with one another at all times. I request the Five Elements to be returned to the Perfection of the Divine Plan.”

Command and demand is viable in this specific situation, because humankind commanded their forefathers and mothers to free them to come into the 3rd Dimension, which wasn’t where they belonged.  They said, “Do not worry about us, we want to go see what is going on in the 3rd Dimension.”

To retrieve what’s rightfully yours- to return to the Light of the 5th Dimension- the Light which you are, you can command and demand. It is your Divine Right, to return to Higher Light.  Commanding and demanding does not necessarily mean you are being disrespectful, pushy, unkind, or dishonorable; you command your Divine Powers. That is your Divine Right!

The best you can do, for yourself and the world right now is to hold your Scepter up and command the return of Pure Energies of Divine Powers to Earth; not corrupted, controlling power of the few over many, not a few having the resources and depriving others of having any, but the power to share and to honor all equally.  Call to the Divine Power to help you share, to love unconditionally, to serve.

Hold your Scepter up and I will work with you- with the help of the Council of Divine Feminine- to pave the path for your Divine Mission, you Soul Mission, to succeed.  Hold your Scepter of Power up and set intentions in the days to come.  The next three months are critical times, critical, beautiful, hopeful, wonderful, meaningful, life changing; especially now that you have this amazing tool to magnify the impact of your Divine Right.  Your Divine Right is Perfection; Perfection in the Five Elements, Perfection in being human, Perfection in being on earth, Perfection in being able to pull- from the Fifth Dimension- the Instant Manifestation of your dreams and hopes- in this Third Dimensional Body and raising the vibration of this Third Dimensional world, while helping others to realize they too, can be empowered.

I hold you in my own heart; I Am your very own Divine Mother.  So It Is

© FAGU 2012







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Waves of Bliss & PTE Mystery School | Vermont Rte 15 | Jeffersonville | VT | 05464 

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