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OK...It's the last of February 2012...WOW. AND, There's just music everywhere in our world. Here's what's been happening?
Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals too, has been doing lotsa music at home with me....yea! I love to listen [T. Jan, of course]...AND, he's been rehearsing with his cool friends in the famous HOBBY STREET gang twice a week in their band called just HOBBY STREET. That's JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, JASON HOGLE/guitar/vocals and that cool owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS...STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums. That's been lotsa fun. WOW, three gigs are already booked and coming up soon in April 2012! Stay tuned.
On Sunday's, my Steve has been getting together with his old school buddy...MIKE KARNS/guitar/bass, a awesome music instructor in Silverdale and places up north. Check him out. OK?
Steve BARTLETT ON BASS has also been contacting club owners about booking the great band, WALTERs BIRTHDAY. He's looking forward to playing all over the place with these two cool bands...HOBBY STREET and WALTERs BIRTHDAY....just more AND more music...I'm in heaven.
Oh, WALTERs BIRTHDAY are, of course, my BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals, recording artist and singer/song writer JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals.
Another big music hit this week for my 62nd birthday...was Steve singing BUDDY GUYs 'She's Only Nineteen' or 'Make A Woman Satisfied', just change 19 to 62 and you'll get the idea of what a great birthday it was.  Cool. See you next time. Thanks, T. Jan

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