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Today I heard a Radio Shock Jock from the Boston Area say "How dare Obama go to Amsterdam, why is he going to Amsterdam while our Troops are dying in Afghanistan ???" he also said that Roman Polanski is going to be defended by the Attorney Generals private Attorney and that's because of Obama or he at least instigated it, ??? he then launched into Obama and Acorn, and even went all the way back to Reverand Wright ??? The Rightwing Nutjobs spew all of this insanity and The Republican Party still refuses to step up and set these ENTERTAINERS straight ??? what will it take for the Party to realize that they are guilty by association ??? God forbid something terrible happens and the insanity that was the sixties repeats itself, what do they say at that point,
Obama is trying to bring the Olympics to America, does that not make sense ??? Jobs for thousands, Millions into our budget, what's the downside here ??? I have just about had it with the party of NO !!! There will be a Healthcare Bill, it will succeed, it will have a Public Option, Who are these people that are happy with thier insurance rates ??? that have no problem with pre-existing conditions, and don't mind being Denied for many illnesses now and definitely later, what about thier families ??? they can't scream NO loud enough, when I Voluntered for Military Service I never thought I would be putting my life in danger for such people, people who can't send our children to Afghanistan (and potentially) Iran fast enough, people that are angry with Obama because he will not rush to judgement and send another 40,000 Nation Builders to thier deaths, for what ??? My Country is beginning to scare me !!!

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Comment by Darwin Phillips on January 27, 2010 at 3:13pm
The Supreme Court went Crazy last week and gave our election process to the highest Bidder, now if you have the right amount of money you can actually buy the Presidency, so very conservative !!!


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