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Never Under Estimate The Power Of A Good Deed!!

Never underestimate the power of a simple good deed! A certain man didnt know when he was stuck in traffic and allowed another man to go in front of him....he didnt know the man was rushing to the hospital to see the birth of his first child at the hospital..,and because this man had time he stopped off to buy flowers for his wife,and still make to the hospital in time...,as he left the store..

he saw a older woman struggling with her groceries..He took a minute and helped her carry the groceries to her car, as she smile for the first time in a great long while ...he gave her a single flower,he didnt know how much he made her day he didnt know she had a heart condition and that carrying those groceries could have given her a heart attack..And he didnt know that the flower would remind her of a lover who had many years ago passed away..she went home and placed the flower in a vase on the piano...

And for the first time in a great long while..she decided to wipe the dust from her piano and play it while staring at her flower ..and the sound of her serenade filled every corner of the house...and the wind carried her music through the open window to a house next door...where a lonely young man sat in sadness....a child of a single parent home. his father had died a year ago.he was.thinking to... go out and wander the streets..perhaps to do some thing wrong???

Until He heard the music,played by the woman who received the flower from the man whos wife was going to have a baby,but helped her carry her groceries,because he had a enough time because the man let him in front of him while stuck in traffic....and the young man was able to meet the neighbor who he never knew played the piano..

And he begged this old woman to give him lessons..please teach me to play like you...and In time this young man became a great piano player and made great music... millions of people were made happy when they heard his music. perhaps even you have heard his song...all because the man stuck in traffic let him go first...

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