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Hi Everyone!
I am almost ready to enter film festivals and want to share my Trailer with everyone as well as my website. I would love feedback and if you like it, you can vote for it for the "People's Choice Awards" at Click on Trailers and scroll down to Painting Bolinas.

Thanks so much for all of your support.
In Love & Peace, Wendy
AKA CanadianPrincess

Website: - you can leave comments here as well.
Bolinas, California is an ocean-side town that teeters on the edge of the Pacific and the edge of the world, is a haunt not unlike a Steinbeck
novel. It serves as the living backdrop for my film about a 90 yr. old
artist, Peter Lee Brownlee, his zany friends and a woman who wants to
save his paintings from ruination.

Executive Producer : Wendy Elkin

Director : Wendy Elkin

Cinematographer & Sound : Linas Phillips

Editor : Andrew Kaluzynski

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Comment by Dee Peterson on August 29, 2010 at 6:43am
I am very happy for you, Wendy! What an interesting and enlightening experience you have had! All too often most of us tend to forget the common bond we all share. In my lifetime I have found such goodness in people, it amazes me. The other side of that coin: I have also found people who seemingly have no heart at all.

Since I am an "eternal optimist", I choose to believe all people have good in them. The ones who, at times do not show this have merely strayed from their true selves; in a sense have lost their way. Does that make sense to you?

Perhaps I look at the world through "rose colored lenses", however it's my choice - I really don't like "negative stuff"...

Best of luck to you, Wendy!

Peace & light,

Comment by CanadianPrincess on August 28, 2010 at 8:24am
Thanks Dee, I am almost done, I appreciate the support. I think it will be a really interesting documentary that celebrates the common bond in our human spirit - the goodness we are all capable of. It has been a humbling experience and has changed my world forever.
Peace, Wendy (aka canadianprincess)
Comment by Dee Peterson on August 28, 2010 at 4:51am
Very impressive. Wish you the best of luck, with hopes the film can be completed. Believe... and it will!

Peace and light,



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