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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Light Holders of the World

Light Holders of the World
The Doorway is Now open to the Highest realms of Energy
That have been called forth to allow the power to be
As One force for the Good of the World

To Allow the transforming Power of this Energy
To radiate through you to those in need

Hear our Call to transform the network
That has held any negative Patterns to come into it
So it may align with the Celestial Direction of the Universe
And the Masters of Creation
As the radiant unlimited Energy of God
Is Brought into the Ones who would
recognize and receive it
So that this unprecedented alignment with Cosmic Forces
Is held to Merge the Angelic Beings of Heaven Into Play
as we enter this new Stage set
Into the Absolute Reality that can Now hold its Energy on Earth

There is no Place for fear
There is no need to Doubt
When Love is Alive within the Hearts
Of those who are Legion in Number
And who believe in the Purpose of God’s Plan

Hold the Light
Be the Love
Become the Vision of a New Age
That is Here Now
With all those who would Believe
In the Power and the Highest Good
In the Heart and Mind of God

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