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~~~No Change Now~~~

On the way to work, I think it was Monday (the days are a blur this week), we encountered a strange sight.
As is usually my routine---
I spent the entire time on the turnpike---
Slumped in the passenger seat--- praying.

I pray because it's one of the best time periods to do so, and it relaxes me.
I slump because should there be some God awful accident involving us---
I want to lessen my chances of decapitation.

The last thing I want to think about happening---
Even though I know it probably won't hurt, and if it does, it would be over in a snap---
But truly, the last thing I really want to imagine---
Is being decapitated and my head rolling, or flying, around somewhere.
That's not the way I want my kids to remember me going to meet my Maker.
And, should I end up that way---
Of course there are those who will say, and who have said---
"Don't think about that! Be careful what you think about! Your thoughts have power and you may be attracting that to you!"
I don't buy it.

But should it happen, and I end up being decapitated, someone step up to the plate and tell the truth:
"AW called it, she predicted this ending to her life!"

Then, someone else should say---
"Amazing clarity she had, all those last days of her life, 35 years worth of last days."

And close others will say, "A clear headed thinker she was, that AW."

One of my New Agey wooey wooey friends will interject:
"She KNEW she might end up this way, all those years of slumping in the passenger seat---"

Only to be interrupted by some Pisces passerby saying:
"And she faced that slumping in the passenger seat with such courage, such wisdom---
Such dignity.
Rest in Pieces, AW."

We exited the turnpike---
Beach Buddy and I in one piece---
Well, each of us intact.
And drove up and around the exit ramp---
Which swooped towards the toll booth---
The car slows down as we enter the toll booth area---

Beach Buddy pulls up to the window there---
Usually, the toll booth lady we see there each day---would lean out and say:
"Haaaiiiiiiy Hoooooonnnnney! How yoooouuu doin' today?"

And Beach Buddy, who usually channels his Inner Sistah, and would say:
"Aaah'm okay, you be good taaad-ay, ok?"
And Toll Booth Lady would usually giggle and wave.

Not so on that day.
We pull up to the window, and no one is there.
I look at Beach Buddy and he looks at me.
I lean over to see if anyone is walking up around the other side.
Then I look over to the other side.
"Hmmm, no one there to hand out change!" I said.

He looks in the rear-view mirror and backs up a bit---
To the thing one throws their change in.

And I say to Beach Buddy, "No change available right now. Good thing we have change."
I continue, "How weird! There's no change available to anyone here right now."

"No one can get any change."

He nods.

I say, "I wonder if it's a sign? That there's just no change right now?"
I go on, "Very strange that we should pull up to that booth, and there's no other change lanes open---"
And I ask, "What if--- it REALLY means, literally, no change today?"

Beach Buddy's face tightens, as he drives to the light ahead.

I ask, "What are the chances of there being no one there? No change?"
I'm floored by this, but lately it doesn't take much to floor me.

Up the street we drive, headed towards the road we usually turn right on---
The whole way, I'm thinking to myself:
"How totally and completely unnerving! There was no change. No change.
No one could get any change there, at that time."

And---I had to think of the potential of that experience.
The potential of NO CHANGE.

So, where would that leave us, Beach Buddy and myself?
Continuing on the Turnpike of Life---
No Exit---
No change available?

Beach Buddy makes the right turn and a thought suddenly pops into my head.
I say, thinking out loud, "I wonder if this has anything to do with all that NOW stuff?"

Continuing this train of thought, "In THE NOW, there is no change?"

This is just one reason why I'm not thrilled with The Now---
And I don't care what anybody says---
The Now ends far too quickly, if you ask me.

We continue, heading up the small hill and suddenly another thought pops into my head.
I realize that this thought will bring about a reaction in Beach Buddy, so I weigh my options at that point.

Should I say it?

Why yes, I think I will!

"Wouldn't it be a real pisser if there are "The Power of Now" cards? Like there are Angel Card decks?"

I watch Beach Buddy's profile carefully, and I am rewarded within a few seconds.
He tries not to laugh, he's trying to keep his face stoic and emotionless.
And I hear a sharp release of breath coming from his mouth.
I got him.

That's the kicker, I think, for both of us.
When they've got to mass market the cards, the calendars---

He turns towards me, smiling, yet I know that he's maybe thinking and wondering---
About this---
Now cards...

"I'm going to look it up later when I get home after work, " I inform him.

"What if there are Now cards, will that change what you're thinking about The Now?" I ask him.

I can't recall right now if he answered me or not.

I change the subject back to change, "I'm going to be thinking about change now all day at work."

The rest of the ride was uneventful.

And when I arrived home, I had forgotten, at first, that I had planned to look it up to see if there were Now cards.

We eat dinner, chit chat a bit, and then it hits me!

I go into my bedroom, plop myself on the bed and fire up the old lap top.

I quickly hit the Google search bar and type in: "Power of Now cards."

I walk back inside, "There ARE Now cards, Beach Buddy, FYI."

He looks over at me, laughing, he does believe me and he knows what this means, to me.

I love it when I come home and every so often I see that he's been using my Mermaids and Dolphins card deck.
Since only a few months or so after we first met, it has been his favorite.
And back in those days, I used to do daily readings from that deck, and a bunch of others.
Yes---I did this every single day.
I would usually do a daily reading from 3 different decks.
Sometimes more---if I didn't like the card readings from the other decks---
I'd take out another box of oracle cards to see if I could get something better.

And yes!
If I pulled a card that I didn't appreciate, I'd sneak that back into the deck and perform a---
Do over.

Every day I would sit down, clear my thoughts from my head---Impossible exercise---
I would take out my reading journal and write down the date---look at the clock---
And, write down the time.
I would close my eyes and ask ArchAngel Michael to clear the deck of any previous energy.

I would shuffle the cards, fan them out, and allow the energy in my palm chakras to guide me.
I would carefully remove a card from the deck, then another and another, until---
Whatever spread I was using, had the right number of cards.
Then I would put a diagram of the spread in my journal with the card names that I had pulled written down.
Then I would chronicle the meanings, in my journal, and then note if I liked the reading or not.

Sometimes this idiotic process could take up to an hour or so.

Then I'd proceed with my day, carefully scrutinizing every event within the day---
To see if the card readings were accurate.

There are no bad cards you know.
Which in and of itself, is rather odd.
How real, then, could the answers be---
If there are no bad cards?

There should be cards that say, for example---
"No, Don't Be a Fool!"
And it would be a nice card, printed on glossy stock---
Gold or silver leafing on the edges of the card---
On the card could be a picture of The Fool---
Or an Idiot---
Or the picture could be of a seeker, asking a question, with a little dialogue bubble right above their head.
Around the dialogue bubble there could be nice question marks.

Within the dialogue bubble, above the querent's head, would be this:
"When the hell are things going to change? When will my life purpose happen?
What is the truth of what is happening now in my life?"
Then, in the nice little Explanation Booklet that would come with this deck (purchased for $21.95 USD Canada $29.95)----
The meaning of that card, a real life meaning, one that has substance----

"Dear One,
The Reality Committe wants you to know that we don't give a crap about your questions.
Why do you ask us these impossible things?
Get the hell out of the house and do something for a change!"

In very small print under that would be "gaze and meditate on this card for more insights."

A Reality Check Deck

I realize, as I look back in time, to when I used to do those readings each and every day---
That I was paralyzed---
The same positive crap, over and over again---
That had nothing to do with anything that happened each day---
Although, with great pleasure, at the end of each day, I would somehow make the cards fit that day.

And each day blended into the next---
I read my Reading Journals every now and then---
Trying to fathom what the heck I was thinking back then!
I read my own writings, and can see how I looked forward to change---in my life.

And, as I wind this down, as I ready myself for another impossible day at work---
I think about the Toll Booth Incident the other day---
We go through the Toll and either hand over change, or receive change.

So, was the other day, a No Change Available Day?
Or a, No Change Necessary Day?
Or a Free No Change Day?

Good thing we were prepared that day---

We had change, even though we wouldn't have needed it.

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