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In being fully present within the unfolding of my birthday recently, such a powerful presence of unconditional love expressed itself in so many ways. It was so profound for me I had to capture it in a note on my Facebook so the experience would be recorded and I would like to share this very personal experience and relate it to the importance of truly understanding the perception of wealth.

I actually took a little ‘time out’ and went back to a pastime love of mine – baking. I made bread from scratch and baked a chocolate fudge cake (much to the delight of my son) and as basic as this may seem, it was a profound experience of the joy in ‘doing’ and ‘creating’. The textures, the smells, the processes, completed in relaxation and appreciation.

Added to this, the wondrous flow of hundreds of messages from all over the globe, the sharing of other’s hearts and joy in wishing me happy birthday, was to say the least…breathtaking.

 It was the messages from two of my children that brought ‘the icing on the cake’ (excuse the pun!), that brought such clarity to me of the power rendered on me and to me this day. I’d like to share their messages here so they do not get lost:

Happy Birthday to my Mummy.She is my light through the darkness and my guide through life, I don’t know what I would do with even half a mum like you and I hope that I can raise my future children with such independence, hard work, grace and love. She’s my kindred spirit and my best friend, I love you mummy. I wish I could be there, I hope you love your present which is on it’s way to you and I will see you soon.’

This was from my Emilie

‘It’s my mum’s birthday today. Before having squidge (the nickname for her daughter), birthdays didn’t mean anything to me and I found it hard to get excited for other people; now I have a little person and I’m in a mum’s position I’m seeing things a little differently. I’m starting realise why mum always wanted us to make our gifts, rather than buy them, or to write something nice in a card instead of just one line. I’m also realising how painful it would be when a child you gave all your time and energy to, who you cuddled to your chest during naps and gave every ounce of love and devotion to, suffers in any way, or drifts away from you or even disappears altogether.

So with that in mind, I’ll say happy birthday to my mum and I apologise for all the times I disappeared, for whatever reason, or drifted apart. Having squidge has made me realise just what a natural commitment you do make to your child, how it comes easily, to give without wanting to receive, just to know they’re happy and cared for. Most of all I understand why you always referred to me as your little girl.

Happy birthday mum, from your little girl (s), and a Kittyknight of course. Love you very much xxxx

This was from my Kai

On this day, in this very moment came the full force of understanding…I AM the wealthiest woman in the world. There is nothing more important than what I witnessed this day. No material wealth could come close to the richness I was given on THIS DAY, my birthday and it is will a heart full of love I thank each and everyone who joined me on…this day. :)


Yet your every waking moment is filled and bombard by mainstream media and social conditioning keeping you reacting to the ‘bling’ of the external world. It is when you understand your energetic communications, it becomes very clear why society has so insidiously created the focus on the material world.

When you are immersed within the conditioned material world, that tells you success and wealth is measured by the size of your house or bank balance (a complete illusion in itself, see my article here) you remain within their fear based cycle, which is perpetuated from the lack of belief in your value and worth. Science has proved that your cells take their signal from your beliefs, which through energetic transmutation become reflected as your external environment.

The old paradigm held the populous attention on the external, through competition, false illusions of social standards and indoctrination from school age that success and wealth equated to money. That the attaining of money created freedom, when the truth is, that the system is all set up to enslave.

It is like the old adage of the donkey and the carrot, with material possessions being your carrot, never attainable from a place of not believing or honouring your value and worth. So you end up on a perpetual ‘hamster wheel’ of reacting to your environment and spiralling into deeper self incrimination.

When you lift the veil of mediocrity that keeps you in the illusion of insignificance, when you reach that point when existing becomes so painful you scream ‘enough!’, you have reached the point of where you are feeling the full force of your energetic misalignment.

The more you compete, the more you succumb to fear and control, the lower your cellular frequency drops, which not only causes energetic misalignment, it also compromises your immune system, creating the physical manifestation of resistance within the body – dis-ease.

Every person’s perception of wealth is as unique and individual as they are and by succumbing to the ‘herd’ conditioning only creates contraction and restriction.

In understanding that you already know true wealth, the instantaneous expression of pure love in every aspect and facet of being from your experiential journey of life, this is continuously present in the triumvirate Knowing – Experiencing – Being and when you begin to apply this within your experiences, you begin to witness the wealth of every moment.

Allowing yourself to let go of the delusion of not honouring your worth and value, is the first small step to remembering the magnificence innately within you. It was never not there, you just moved out of alignment with it. When you turn your focus within and allow your internal environment to acknowledge your wealth and value, you begin to create the change and reflection in your external environment.

On this day…are you honouring the wealth within you?


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