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Only don’t know
In the absolute quest for direction
Find Freedom in Just Being

Only Don’t know
And leave the doorway open
To a million ways to experience
The Truth of Now

In this naked Moment
Just Be
Just smile
And Just let the Soul’s light
shine forth with Love

For the Entire Awareness
That is Awake right Now

The Undefined secrets that allow you to be
Whisper a release and
Let you Be alive and free

Let it show you
Yet, Only don’t know

What was
What is
The way it should be
Can not really hold
The Only don’t know

Shatter the crystalline mold
And Only don’t know

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Comment by Ron Alexander on January 18, 2010 at 8:54pm
Wow, another great poem, Cindy. I wrote a similar (not nearly as good) years ago in response to Nancy Reagan's "Just say no" campaign against drugs, I wrote "just don't know." lotsaappreciation, ron


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