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Paying It Forward --my own Synchronicity story of yesterday -- November 19th, 2009

Paying It Forward --my own Synchronicity story of yesterday -- November 19th, 2009

I know that my own health lately, has hindered my ability to honor any commitments that I have made including doctor's appointments themselves. At one point late last week I told the doctor's office receptionist after having missed my second consecutive appointment that I hadn't intentionally done so, and that the underlying reason for this was that I was feeling rather ill. After making my third appointment for later that day and heading down the road in a spare car that hadn't been used in at least a month or two, I then ran out of gas only minutes from my home, and had to pull off the road. I then proceeded to call back the doctors office and pleaded for more time as unfortunately I had just experienced some car trouble while traveling down the road to get there. They reluctantly gave me 15 more minutes time, and I then quickly called the auto club (AAA) to get help on the way and begged for their speediest response, as I further explained that I risked missing an extremely important doctor's appointment . They honored my request and had arrived in what seemed less than ten minutes and I was off and running again, and surprisingly was then able to arrive 15 minutes earlier than my originally scheduled appointment. Now you may think that this little story just ends right here, however, it simply doesn't.

At the doctors office appointment It was determined that more blood work would be necessary and that I would need to head right over to the lab to get that taken care of. I then quickly sped over to the lab which was located only a few minutes away, and was then soon informed by the nice phlebotomist there, that as well as a urine sample I needed to have two rounds of blood samples drawn and that they needed to be taken at least 15 minutes apart, however, the lab itself was to be closing in only 10 minutes and that all the lab work for the day was actually going to be picked up just around that time by a driver too. A seemingly impossible task it was as we quickly set forth getting the first round of blood samples drawn and waiting the required time between drawing the final samples. Soon the driver had arrived to pick up all the work for that day and the phlebotomist had urged him to hang on or come back in about ten minutes or so which he luckily agreed to do, and the blood work was finally able to be completed and I was soon on my way out the door to my parked car.

With a long sigh of relief I headed towards the gasoline station, as I now had to fill the nearly empty gas tank or else risking running out of gas again, a certainly dreadful thought. I had enough of a time paying for the gas itself and getting the pump to work when an asian fellow carrying a small red gasoline jug suddenly approached me and kindly asked me if I could possibly help him out by driving him back near the highway to where his parked car was located, as he had previously run out of gas there. In my total amazement Of this, I wasted no time in telling him that he could not have called upon a better person for this, as I too had run out of gas earlier during the day and that I would even do better than just getting him down the road and would instead drive him right over to where his car was actually located and help him out in any way that I possibly could as well, and to which I certainly did.

~ Life sometimes sure has a funny way of seeing us down the road. ~

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