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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

"Peace is not something you attain.
It is what you are.
Peace is at the essence of this moment.
Everything in this moment
is made of this peace.

So then we can conclude
that you are the doorway to peace.
You, as you are in this moment
are the doorway to peace.

It is just a matter of relaxing
that incessant search for something
outside of this moment
or the need to change this moment
so that you can begin
to rest in this moment as it is;
to feel the sensations
of existing in this moment.

Just by letting yourself be as you are
in this moment
and being honest about how you are
in this moment
and just resting in that, allowing that
peace reveals itself.

The ego seems to
impose its idea of
how you are supposed to be,
how this moment is supposed to be
on to this moment
and therefore you are unable
to actually experience what is here.

The constant trying to change
this moment, manipulate this moment,
distract yourself from this moment
makes you in opposition to what is really here;
in opposition to the essential peace that you crave.

Its a self destructive tendency
to not allow yourself to be as you are.

The most judgmental people
are usually the unhappiest.
The need to impose their idea
of how this moment should be,
how they should be, how others should be
is just self hatred.

So you see, in the end
it is not about getting somewhere
or attaining something.

It is about being honest and allowing
of what is here in this moment
at every level.

All spiritual practices
are not to get you
to somewhere different in time
but to go deeper into what is here.

For the peace is this moment.
The peace is you.

If you are lonely in this moment
and you allow that loneliness,
then you realize unconditional peace.

If you are being a jerk
and you are honest that you are being a jerk
and you accept that,
then you realize unconditional peace.

Just in the allowing
the separateness and rigidity of everything
dissolves into oneness & peace.

You don't have to change anything
in this moment.
You just have to slow down enough
to become aware of what is here.

Then outer experience
and inner experience
become one.

It becomes self evident
that everything is peace.

That it is all one consciousness.

Much love,


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