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Prajna Paramitra

You are Ready to Be the One
Who crosses the Current of the River of Life
To stand on the Shore of the crossing
and believe that the Flow of the Rivers Sacred Waters
Holds the reflection of your life’s Journey
And you hear the Sound of your soul calling
Prajna Paramitra

And as you listen it carries you to be
the words of the Transformation that you become
Prajna Paramita

You are the Blessing of the Moment of realization
You are at the Completion of the Journeys Dream
And in the moment of the Realization and the Completion
You are free
Prajna Paramita

Yet still you hear the Waters echo
those at the point of Crossing
And you become the ferryman
And you become the Crossing
And the Boat that crosses the Water
Prajna paramita
You become the One Dream of Awakening
The Answer to the Call
Prajna paramita

Until a Bridge is built for all to Cross
And the Bridge carries the Light of the Passage of the Soul
From Here to Eternity The Awakened Bodhisattva
Echoes with the Reverberation Of the Hearts call
Prajna Paramitra

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