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A Beautiful service, of setting prayers out on teh ocean was done last night on Oahu..
here's my poem to that.

Prayers lit with Candles

Candles of prayers are set to sea
Lighting the Water
with Blessings we see.
All joined in thoughts and prayers
Lit with Love,
As they sail out to meet the ones
Now above.

The fire of their Stories
And Memories they’ve saved,
Somehow all meeting
Here in time and Space.

There is a Feeling that is perceived
A sense of Peace that is received,
From sending our love
To the other side,
We share a faith that we cannot hide.

Prayers lit with just a few words of Love
Light up the ocean
As God watches above.

Such mystical beauty
From Spirit released
Set to sail out what we can’t see.

We know our loved ones
Somehow can feel,
How much we care
And our hearts are open
In this moment to believe..

Prayers lit with candles
Are set out to sea.
They sail as the sun sets
To heaven shores
And are freed.

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